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Supernatural gets the GO for Season 6
Great news! The CW has given Supernatural the go for Season 6.  The question now is will Eric Kripke sign up for Season 6 and how will it take shape?  I'm excited no matter what and I know that it won't go down quality-wise, not for me and not as long as Jensen and Jared are on it.

Here's the link to short blurb: 

The CW Renews Supernatural

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I hope Kripke's involved.

Me too. It wouldn't be the same and the vision might change without him. Here's hoping!

I've said this to you already in email, but I'm so glad the show was renewed! :) Even if Kripke isn't coming back as show runner, I have no doubt Sera Gamble will do a great job, and at least Kripke plans to stay involved.

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