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Unabashed Spoiler Hound & Fanfic writer

Reveling in the fickle nature of fangirlishness

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Sorry for being so behind in my blogs
Hey everyone!  Sorry for being so behind.  Between getting sick with a really annoying cold that doesn't seem to want to let me go (even as I write this and on drugs (prescription cough meds) -- maybe I need an exorcism or something...hmmm...Dean spouting Latin, what a lovely thought?  That just made me feel better...at least for the one fleeting moment)  and going on vacation, I'm just starting to catch up. Forgive me all who didn't get a reply to their comment from Fallen Idols.  Just about the time I caught wind of the cold. It wasn't because I didn't love hearing from you!

I hope to get two done this week and do Changing Channels next week.

Thanks for your patience and hope you'll come back 

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I'm sorry you're not feeling well! I've been feeling guilty for being too short on time to catch up on my blog reading.

I know I've said this before, but really hope you feel better! *hugs* Colds are miserable... :-/

Don't worry about your blog until you feel better. :)

*sends Dean over with Kleenex and some warm milk and honey*

Seeing as I'm still saving the notices of your journal so that I can go back during hiatus and enjoy, you're not late for anything my dear fangirlfriend!!!

I hope you are now beginning to feel better!

Also glad to hear you had a vacation. Am going to HAVE to catch up with a nice long email soon. Where has our time been going????


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