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Season Finale: Lucifer Rising: "You are a better man than your daddy ever was."
Sorry this is so late.  Life has been mega-hectic and admission here, I found it hard to go back and watch the episode again until recently.  It had nothing to do with anything painful or unpleasant, heck, past episodes have been all that and more, but I think because it ended with Sam and Dean coming together again, finding their way back just as Lucifer was about to break fully free, I wanted to just freeze that moment, release a long held sigh of relief and just be completely satisfied and happy at how well Season 4 wrapped up. It was beautiful and brought back that brotherly feel I have missed so much.  I have no illusions, there will be plenty of issues that will need to be addressed and worked through, but in that final moment, when Sam, instead of protecting Ruby, helped his brother kill her, then with heartfelt horror and regret told Dean that he was sorry, it was a perfectly placed bookmark in the Winchester Gospels and I just wanted to revel in it for a while.

The cliff hanger wasn't a surprise.  I think very few of us thought that there would be a happy ending. After all, the title was called Lucifer Rising, but it was as all other Supernatural season finales have been, satisfying, completely believable, leaving us breathless and yet emotionally invested towards Season 5 to come.  It brought the brothers back together,  it killed off the most annoying albeit perfect trigger for Sam's descent to rising Lucifer up from out of his "cage", and more importantly, it set an interesting course for Season 5. Dean, Sam and now Castiel will be on the run from an angry faction of angels (since Zacariah so much as said that God wasn't consulted about this move to give rise to Lucifer and begin the Apocalypse, I have to assume that it will be rogue angels who are after our heroes) and likely more demons, as well as Lucifer, the cherry on top of the pile of crap they are in. It's going to be awesome!

I know Mary has done a stellar job with her blog and pretty much said everything I would have so I'm not going to do a blow-by-blow of every moment from the episode.  Instead, I will likely indulge myself in talking about what I LOVED SO MUCH about this episode.  Fair Warning as always, it's Dean-centric. Run while you still can.

I LOVED Bobby's tough love approach to Dean, slapping some much needed sense into Dean's head and making Dean realize that he was letting his anger get in the way of the essence of his relationship with Sam. Those who know me, know that I just sighed with delight when Bobby told Dean that he was a better man than his father, that the sins of the father shouldn't have to follow his son, especially one who overall is the epitome of keeping family together and the how important family is.  Bobby was right to scold Dean for applying a misguided and unrealistic view of family, that they aren't there to fulfill his dreams and aspirations for what he wants from his family.  It's why he's been repeatedly disappointed when his father and Sam didn't measure up to his expectations. Also, by letting Sam leave and then repeating history with his parting words, Dean abandoned his brother when he needed him most, that as Sam's brother, he has to believe in him no matter what, that he can be justifiably angry at Sam, but he can't erase him from his life.  When those words finally do break through, Jensen brings to Dean's face a deep sense of regret and longing, a longing to do things differently and it's magical.  You see the Dean who does truly love his brother no matter what and has for all their lives, that Bobby is right, Dean is a better man because he has reached out to Sam over and over again this season and it was only until Sam pushed just that much too far by continuing to chose Ruby over him that Dean let himself lose his perspective and he gave up on Sam.  That was an amazing scene and I have to say, there was never more a relieved person than me when I was assured that Bobby wouldn't be a casualty at the end of Season 4, that like all the seasons before it, Bobby was there, maybe not in the thick of battle as he has been before, but most assuredly as this anchor, this bond to the boys that they sorely need during times when they can't see what's before them.  I LOVE Jim Beaver!!!  He's AWESOME!

I LOVED that Dean continued to be strong amidst temptation, showing that he's not just a womanizer and boozer, that when Zacariah plied Dean with all the things he loves (burger, beer, Ginger and MaryAnn from Gilligan's Island -- for some reason I took those niceties more like a last meal, a last request as opposed to being offered to placate Dean), Dean momentarily pauses, but holds firm to not getting distracted. He continues to push and push, unwilling to simply accept and be a follower without getting the answers he needs to know such as the game plan.  He's not a simple soldier anymore who will just allow himself to be placed at the appropriate time into the fray without some kind of strategy.  Because of that defiance, I saw him as such commander material, not just a weapon the way Zacariah, Cas and even Anna did.  I COMPLETELY LOATHED Zacariah for his snide remark about Dean starting the Apocalypse as a snipe at Dean's rebellion. I didn't like him much before, but at that moment, I knew he was more of Uriel's attitude and thinking and that there was something more, something very dark about Zacariah's purpose and that was born out as true later.

As for the revelation about Ruby, well, no surprise and I have to admit I was relieved and cheered.  I never really trusted her though there were moments in the story lines where I wondered, like in Heaven and Hell, but in the last couple of episodes, her smirk and self-satisfied grin over her control over Sam when he would defend her to Dean or even go so far as to protect her confirmed that she was up to no good.  Jared played Sam's shock and horror beautifully and seeing that reaction brought back the feelings of love and warmth for Sam that I was losing for him in his blind devotion to her.  His honest shock was palpable and devastatingly sad which made Sam that much more sympathetic because he truly began to trust Ruby whether it was under the influence of drinking her blood, I don't know and in the end, it doesn't matter.  Ruby had managed to manipulate a naive Sam through every step and for every action and choice he made that took him to her side was yet another nail in the coffin of his devotion to his brother.  Still, at the end, you realized that Sam's protectiveness of her was born from truly believing that she meant well, that she was different in her demon world in the same way that he perceived himself to be different in the human one and maybe that's what drew him to her, connected him to her.  Ruby was perfect in her execution of gaining Sam's trust.  She said all the right words, she did all the right things, she played sympathetic to his eroding relationship with Dean, even tried to play, if you'll pardon the pun, devil's advocate for Dean.  She played up to Sam's insecurities, built his confidence up, and though Dean can probably be faulted for being maybe too harsh, in the final analysis and for better or worse, Ruby was giving Sam what he wanted to hear and Dean wasn't.  She was giving him support, Dean wasn't, least not the complete trust that Sam almost begged for in When the Levee Breaks. Dean was giving him harsh reality and even though the monster accusation might have been over the line, let's face it, wouldn't anyone see it that way?  The word that inevitably sets Sam off to a blind ambition is the word monster.  Lillith even taunted him with it and it was just the right push to drive Sam over the edge to finish her off, never to come back again.

MY UTMOST FAVORITE scene was the one with Castiel and Dean. Dean, by now, like a pacing nervous wild animal, climbing the walls of his gilded prison, his need to get to Sam becoming desperate faces Castiel fully with his determination, anger and accusations.  

Sidenote: Dean's call to Sam, leaving him a message was SO reminiscent of Home when Dean calls John for help.  I love Dean's honest admission that he shouldn't have said what he did, that he wasn't Dad, that they were family and that would never change then the heartbreaking beep just before Dean could say I'm sorry.  OH!!  It was amazing and like in Home, Jensen plays the scene with such aching authenticity.  He may not have been on the verge of tears, but you can see his pain nevertheless.  It's written there plain as day.  Once again, How Does Jensen Do that??????  It makes when Sam hears the clearly  fabricated message on his phone all the more painful, I mean I cringed and begged at the TV for Sam not to believe what he was hearing, to see it as unlike his brother despite Dean's last words to him, but in the end, that fake message just added fuel to Sam's insecurities.  

Sidenote#2:  I LOVE that when Dean asks Castiel to let him tie up his loose end with Sam, you feel so much for Dean at that moment.  You know that Dean knows he has to right things with Sam, you see Dean's priorities plain as day in that moment. You also can't help, but wish you could help him get out. 

After Zacariah reveals that Dean isn't going to kill Lillith that they are going to allow Lillith to break the last seal, short of saying that Sam killing her will do it, you can see the utter bitter disappointment on Dean's face (once again, Jensen's eyes tell the story, pooling a bit with tears, communicating a loss and and disillusionment that can't be misinterpreted), he now realizes, that he, too, was sold a bill of goods like Sam was.  All the talk about preventing the seals from being broken was pretense, a way to get Dean to cooperate or maybe more importantly to make Dean care about the mission.

I LOVE how Dean asks:

"What happens to all the people during your little pissing contest?"

Leave it to Dean to think about humanity, the cost in human lives during this epic battle, the mantra that he lives by comes around again, "saving people, hunting things".  Dean, if nothing else, has always been about saving people.  That has never been derailed, swayed yes, but never so completely off mission that Dean doesn't come back to humanity in the end.  I find it ironic that Lucifer's rising will bring Hell on earth and yet Zacariah talks about the epic battle, between Dean and Lucifer (Ali/Foreman), as achieving Paradise on earth.  How are the goals any different? Does either end justify the means to getting there?  It's a formidable question. I gotta love that the picture of the archangel Michael defeating Lucifer reappears here and those DeanGirls among us who were already giddy with the parallel back in Houses of the Holy loved the reference. Nice thread there.  Have to say, I loved Zacariah's Gladiator reference with the Russell Crowe comparison. Dean in a toga...battle gear...hmmm...

The most chilling lines were:

"Tell me something.  Where's God in all this?"

"God? God has left the building."

It's here you suspect that God knows nothing about this, that He's not even in the picture and  it can't help, but bring a chill. You hope He isn't condoning Zacariah's actions and that these are rogue angels. Defiance with a much darker tinge to it.  

Sorry, got sidetracked.  Dean and Cas.  Okay, that moment of funny when Dean slugs Cas, or tries to anyway was delightful.  The expression on Dean's face is pricelessly humorous.  Frankly, I wanted to hit Cas too because for him to apologize now, to profess all that they have gone through together, it appropriately feels empty and false.  Misha does a wonderful job in this scene and when he shows Castiel's act of rebellion.  You know he feels right about freeing Dean, if not a little worried about the wrath that's inevitably coming. 

The lines here just made me swoon for Dean even more because they show a man who understands all too clearly what's going on and how they have all been played.

"It's Armageddon, Cas. You need a bigger word than sorry."

"Destiny? Don't give me that Holy crap. Destiny. God's plan. It's all a bunch of lies, you poor stupid son of a bitch! It's just a way for your bosses to keep me and keep you in line.  You know what's real? People. Families, THAT'S real. Are you gonna watch them all burn?"

I LOVE how Dean defends people and families as the only real things in this world and when Cas promotes Paradise, a world free from pain and guilt, mirroring Dean's words to Anna, Dean counters with words mirroring Anna's argument for being human:

"You can take your peace and shove it up your lily white ass cuz I'll take the pain and the guilt, I'll even take Sam as is. It's a lot better than being some Stepford bitch in Paradise. This is simple, Cas. No more crap about being a good soldier. There is a right and there is a wrong here and you know it. LOOK AT ME! You KNOW it!"

When Dean begs Cas to help him and Cas can't bring himself to help Dean, to allow himself to defy his orders, it's the last straw for Dean.

"If there was anything worth dying for, this is it. You spineless, soulless son of a bitch. What do you care about dying? You're already dead.  We're done."

It's an argument that I was cheering all the while.  Dean would not be swayed by anything that would reward what he truly believes in his soul as wrong.  It's that inherent bravery that Dean calls upon anytime he feels his values, his belief in humanity threatened.  He will fight for that, die for that belief and you have a DeanGirl who became a puddle of goo at hearing the courage of that conviction.

Let's face it, it was ALL WONDERFUL!  Again,  blow by blow isn't needed, it's all there in its rich and raw texture and portrayed in all it's vivid glory by everyone.  Omitting anything out isn't meant to lessen the performances that were there because you need only to look at them and just sigh.  Everyone was AMAZING in this.  I was happy to see Prophet Chuck even.  The most important thing I could ever say about this episode is that it was a FANTASTIC capper to an AMAZING season that never disappointed in my eyes. Onto Season 5 we go and happily I might add.

The war is just beginning and aren't all battles best fought with freedom at it's core and by heroes who would be willing to risk everything to give it to themselves as well as to humanity as a whole? What's not to like?

Carry on everyone.  We will survive and won't be wayward too much longer.

Thanks for reading!  See you next season.