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Reveling in the fickle nature of fangirlishness

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The Monster at the End of This Book: "Prayer is a sign of faith. This is a good thing, Dean."
"Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so you shall become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.  -- James Allen

The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to see something and tell what it saw in a plain way. Hundreds of people can talk for one who can think, but thousands can think for one who can see. To see clearly is poetry, prophecy and religion, all in one. "  - John Ruskin

"Every year, if not every day, we have to wager our salvation upon some prophecy based upon imperfect knowledge."  - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

OH!!  The episodes keep getting better and better and better.  Just when I was about to  prepare myself for some nice, light giggling moments, halfway through, the writers throw in yet more curves and more AMAZING and AWESOME drama and angst that thrilled me no end!!!!  It was a fantastic way to get me amped up for the remaining episodes ahead and a very cruel way to leave me for YET ANOTHER two week break before Jump the Shark.  I SWEAR the CW must have gotten its training from Hell because this is sheer torture and there will be yet another break just before the season finale.  As if they need a vehicle to build up suspense!! The plots of these episodes can do that alone!!! I'm excited already!!! Stop torturing me!!! Ahem, okay, sidetracked there.

Oh, yeh, the episode.  Did I say that it was AMAZING?  Because it was.  The first half, I was JUST DYING LAUGHING!!!!!!  They covered just about every little fan quirk, between the books (okay, I'm sorry for this embarrassing DeanGirl admission, but when Dean said, "I'm full frontal in here, dude" while reading Route 66, I just about died from hyperventilation I was laughing so hard and fanning myself all at the same time -- also, I laughed at the cover art with Sam and his rippling abs --HILARIOUS.  My complaint? Of course you know, that there wasn't a pic of Dean with his shirt off, thus the full frontal comment made up for that), the blogs (and you know that I loved the reference to DeanGirls and SamGirls -- OMG! -- I found myself raising my hand up and going "Me! That's me! I'm a DeanGirl!") and the fanfiction -- the definition of what slash is and the look on Dean's face --JUST PRICELESS!!!!  

When they meet the publisher and she makes a dig at Grey's and McDreamy, another gut busting moment!!! Hey Mary!!!!  Got your little mini entry.  They did you up just right, honey!!!  Lucky girl!!!!  Didn't know you had a tat there -- just teasing!  I loved her HILARIOUS recaps!!!  SO something I would and sadly, have actually done to "recruit" more fans to the show from among my friends.   Oh and you know how much I LOVED her description of  Dean, "Because Dean was so strong, and sad, and  brave". I LOVED the line about the best parts are when they cry -- so true -- and "Gosh, if only real mean were so open and in touch with their feelings" and then "How often do you cry like that, huh?"   I mean that whole scene was just FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!! I felt like I was making a guest appearance!!!!  The reactions by Jensen and Jared so funny!!  I have to believe that they must have cracked up a few times when they did that scene. I thought it was a really nice tribute to us fans!! Making fun of our obsessiveness a little, sure, but hey, I'm okay with it. In my case, it's all sad, but delightfully true. HEE!!!

When they meet Chuck Shirley, it was just really great!   When he jokingly calls himself a God and we learn he's a Prophet, he wasn't too far off.  Though as a fanfic writer, I JUST ABOUT busted yet another gut when he rattled off all he had done to them like the beatings, toying with their lives and their emotions for entertainment...I thought to myself, I've done worse to the boys and couldn't stop cackling to myself.   I love also that Chuck said  "writing is hard".  I can relate there, Chuckie boy! 

When they are in the laundromat, again, I was just beside myself with delight!!  Dean reading while Sam was doing what Dean was reading...I have often talked with my friend and fellow writer, Tiffany about how great it would be to have Jensen and Jared actually act out my fanfic so this little nod was just too fantastic for me. And Dean saying that  Sam has "brooding and pensive shoulders" *falls over laughing yet again.  I'm watching the episode again on iTunes as I write this and am laughing just as much as I was last night.  It's THAT funny!

Then the serious turn begins.  Chuck sees Sam bedding Lillith...now, I didn't want to believe this and was glad that he didn't go through with it, but at the time, in the blissful light of ignorance, I was SO repulsed by the idea yet not completely surprised, I mean, Sam slept with Ruby, probably still is as he drinks her blood (again -- ewww --) so it's not that far fetched to think of Sam having sex with Lillith or said Chuck's way, "fiery demonic passion", admittedly, I laughed like Sam when Chuck read it outloud.   I loved that when Chuck describes his "process" with the headache and how aspirin doesn't help and that he drinks until he falls asleep, you can see Dean relating to him.  It's what he does to fight off the memories from Hell.  Jensen, once again (yes, I know, I know broken record -- blame Jensen) plays the subtleness of Dean's reaction so wonderfully well.  He plays in every scene whether he's in the scene or not.  I love this about both Jared and Jensen. They play their participation as if they were really experiencing the moment, not just waiting there to say their lines.

I LOVE Sam's declaration as he reads the part where Dean gets hit by a van and had pink flower band aids on him then saying he's seen him gushing blood and that he'd rather use duct tape and bar rags!!  It's SOOO TRUE!!   I like that Dean sees their confrontation with Lillith as not being ready for it, a practical and safe approach which only makes me more angry at Sam when he tells Chuck later that Dean isn't himself since coming back from Hell.  Though I LOVE  this scene and Chuck's take on Sam's behavior, I SO hate Sam's view of Dean's cautiousness.  Their conversation at the diner really hurts:

"It frustrates me when you say such reckless things."  -- *died laughing again here (I died more often than Dean and Sam combined in this episode). It's so funny to hear Dean contain himself on the one hand and using such words on the other. 

"Well, it frustrates me when you'd rather hide than fight."  -- This was SOOO HURTFUL!!!  Dean backs off, but you can see the pain in his eyes and Sam's cruel determination to hold his point.

Then I was cheering when Dean said:

"It's not hiding, it's being smart, it's picking your battles. This is a battle we are not ready to fight."

This is such a logical strategy, but you can see that Sam resents it.  He wants to go in guns blazing and off Lillith as quickly as possible because his arrogance is telling him that he can.  He is SO driven by the need to end things that he's not seeing the big picture and every time Dean doubts him (rightfully so in my view -- it's got nothing to do with not caring about Sam, later Dean demonstrates how much he cares for his brother STILL even with all the hurtful things Sam's said to him, but he can't trust him even though he wants to desperately.  He already knows that Sam's having sex with Ruby or did anyway so why not Lillith? If he has no self-control over a lower echelon demon like Ruby, why couldn't he do the same with Lillith?  It's not a hard reach for this DeanGirl) or when he proposes doing the opposite of what was written by Chuck, you can see the frustration on Sam's face.  We've always felt Sam's resentment of Dean's protectiveness of him, feeling that Dean doesn't think Sam can take care of himself, but now it's full-blown and seems to overshadow any other instinct, brotherly or as a hunter in Sam.  He just wants to be left to do what he wants to do, to get his payback and who knows what else.

The conversation between Sam and Chuck was wonderful and I cheered when Chuck didn't take Sam's side about his actions, telling Sam that he knew about him drinking demon blood and how he didn't write it into the book because it would have made Sam unsympathetic and Sam's indignation about it was so irksome. Doesn't he see that beyond Dean's judgment of him, others like Chuck and the readers of his books would think the same thing about his actions --have to love that as we write these blogs, those opinions ring almost universal. 

"Yeh, come on, Sam. I mean, sucking blood? You gotta know that's wrong."  - Does he? One wonders.

I love the moment after this, Sam's rationalizations about wanting to stop, but saying he can't -- one wonders if he really wants to -- and Chuck pointing out that Sam keeps going back then Sam going back to his argument that he has to do it to stop Lillith and the Apocalypse and despite the helpless tone, you can't help, but feel that he believes HE is the only who can stop it even after Chuck declares that it's Dean's job to do it. Again,  it's not expressed, but you can't help, but wonder if Sam inwardly hates hearing that it's Dean who gets to kill Lillith or stop the Apocalypse or both.  Still not clear on that point.  There's this awful dichotomy  of Dean wishing he didn't have to be the one, combining the prophesy that since he started it -- the guilt he feels about that alone makes him a reluctant hero--  and that he's the only one who can stop it and Sam who feels like he's the only one who can, that Dean isn't strong enough to do it. 

What was truly infuriating about this moment was Sam's assessment of Dean to Chuck:

"Dean's not...He's not Dean lately. Ever since he got out of Hell.. he needs help."

I HATED this because Dean as he was in the episode overcoming his self-inflicted blame about breaking the seal and even if it's reluctant, accepting that he has to, at least, move on, to keep moving forward and past his pain and blame, Dean was the best Dean ever!!  Strategizing competently about the fact that they were not ready to face Lillith and proven right in the end when he had to save Sam, swoop in as he's always done.   Also, the perceived weakness that Sam has for Dean just because he doesn't want to fight Lillith or anything is completely misguided and so wrong!  I mean Dean, in his loving brotherly desperation pleads for help to save Sam.  I don't see that as weakness, loving and wanting to protect someone you love is the height of strength in my view.

Though I also believe that Sam does want to return the favor for the years that Dean has looked out for him, I don't believe it's his primary motivator and it hurts to think that. Chuck even calls him on that. I SO LOVED CHUCK!!! I love that when Chuck points out that the demon blood makes Sam feel stronger and more in control, there's this sneer on Sam's face that belies his denial to Chuck. He knows he's stronger by doing  it and has a control he probably feels he's never had before, over his body and over his perceived "doomed" fate. There's such an irony here that Sam has protested in the past about not wanting to be less than human, making poor Dean promise to kill him if he became less than human, but no sooner than he believes he can't escape his fate, he embraces turning into something less than human under the guise of convincing himself that he's the only who can stop Lillith and the Apocalypse because he has the powers to do it. He just sees Dean as human, with nothing to offer but his hunting skills and you can't help, but feel it's for that reason that Sam believes Dean is holding him back in addition to not wanting to go in guns blazing like Sam wants. I believe that we have YET to see Dean's "powers", that there is something to come that will out  power Sam and anything else. It may not be supernatural, per se, but it doesn't mean that possessing human qualities can't be powerful in their own way if manifested for all the right reasons.

Sidenote: DeanGIrl moment:  Dean with band aids on his face.  TOO CUTE!!

I love Dean waiting for Chuck and then Castiel coming in to tell him, Ta Da! Chuck's a prophet!  I LOVED this and this idea. I loved Castiel's line about "It's an honor to meet you, Chuck.  I admire your work,"  such a laid back way to be a "fanboy" of the prophet who writes the Winchester Gospel.  SO COOL!!!!  I loved that Chuck acknowledged that believing he was a prophet seemed arrogant and the "M. Night-level douchiness", HILARIOUS!  I think that it's great that Chuck didn't think himself worthy of being a prophet.  It compares so starkly to Sam's arrogance even if it is tinged with uncertainty.  Gotta say, Chuck and Dean chorusing on "You gotta be kidding me" was also HILARIOUS!  Then the capper  of  Castiel saying "You should have seen Luke".  Just perfect!!!

Castiel then tells him that what the prophet has written can't be unwritten and Dean is horrified.  Here's a man who doesn't believe in destiny, but firmly believes in free will and being able to exact change, that nothing is moot.  Sort of like Captain Kirk not believing in the no-win scenario though those of us who know that movie, know that Kirk had to face the ultimate no-win scenario and that was losing Spock, still for now, Dean believes he has control over his actions and his surroundings.  I love this about Dean and maybe it's this quality about him that has him grappling with the idea that ONLY HE can stop the Apocalypse.  He's not arrogant.  He's fully accepted that his actions caused the Apocalypse to be set in motion, but being the humble man that he is, he can't accept that he is the only solution, still, having said that, he's gearing up to face that possibility and is not going to back down from it for now.

I LOVED that Dean finally confronted Sam with the fact that he IS afraid that Sam will go darkside because of everything he's been doing and we now have our confirmation that Dean knows what Sam did to Alistair from Castiel.  Dean airs his honesty and yet when Sam says it's not what Dean thinks and Dean asks him what it is, Sam once again clams up and withholds from Dean and you just want to punch Sam.  At least I did!  Dean is being completely open and even though it's not what Sam wants to hear, Dean expresses his fears and concerns with loving frustration so when Sam closes himself off, it hurts in ways that just can't be expressed.  You hope that Sam does know something that Dean doesn't and that it isn't dark, foreboding evil, that maybe Sam is doing this for some secret purpose that we have yet to learn, but like Dean, it's hard to come to that conclusion given Sam's behavior.  Sam expects implicit trust from Dean and yet he's done nothing to earn it then he gets angry when he's questioned, doubted or distrusted.  What is Dean supposed to do?  Yet despite all that, when Dean realizes Sam isn't coming with him, he stops, drops the duffle and just leaves for some air. I wish Sam had seen what a gesture of love and trust that action was. In the end, Dean does the most difficult and yet the most strongest thing he could ever  do and that is stay and more importantly perhaps, he prays, allows himself to plead for help and guidance, not for himself, but for his brother.  Selflessness, thy name is Dean.  Even with everything he's been put through, he reaches for help from a higher power, tries to give into a faith he doesn't completely have yet, but a desperate desire to save his brother has him asking for help from the only source he has.  I love Dean when he pleads with Castiel:

"You have tested me and thrown me every which way and I have never asked for anything. Not a damn thing, but now I'm asking, I need your help. Please."

There's something wonderful about Dean proclaiming that despite all they have done to him and have asked him to do, he's asked for nothing back and when he does, it's on behalf of someone else, his brother. Again SO INTRINSICALLY DEAN!

Sam sees Dean as passive in this whole process, but Dean is a man of action, believes he can fix things, save people, change any situation to work for him and if none of that, to go down fighting all the way, resisting what seems to be inevitable. I love that when Castiel tells him that he can't stop Sam from having sex with Lillith if that is what has been written as prophecy, Dean forces him to face that if he doesn't help Dean now, to not look to him for help when he's needed by Castiel.  I love that Dean bargains with Castiel in that way, to have Castiel commit to his helping his cause even if it means breaking the rules.  This is the first time that I've felt Dean referring to himself as almost a weapon -- I don't believe it's just about being a weapon though.  I think it's Dean's character as the man that he is that also plays into the equation because if it was just about being a weapon, nothing more than a sharp tool in an arsenal of weapons, Sam is just as good at being that.  I think Dean's righteousness makes him the perfect philosophical weapon.  I know that Anna alluded to it, but Dean is acknowledging it here as well.  He understands that he's being seen as this "last, great hope" to stopping the Apocalypse and that he can wield that to his advantage.

"Screw you. You and your mission. Your God. If you don't help me now, that when the time comes and you need me, don't bother knocking."

Even though Dean threatens this, I can't help, but have this DeanGirl terminal romantic side that believes Dean would still step in when needed.  Mary said it best in her blog about how Dean is just incapable of walking away when he's needed.

I LOVE Castiel in this.  As brief as his appearance was, it was pivotal.  He not only gives the necessary focus and clarity to the actions happening around them, but he finally allows himself to break a rule by giving Dean the clue he needs to save Sam, to bring Prophet Chuck to the room so that if threatened by the presence of a demon, an archangel would fight to defend his life and safety.  It's a FANTASTIC moment.  I love how Misha Collins played the scene, his pain and suffering at being unable to actively help even though you can see that he wants to then allowing himself to help Dean as much as he can indirectly by giving him information veiled in why he can't help.  AWESOME!

Sidenote:  Dean convincing Chuck to help? HILARIOUS.  Everyone can't be hero material.

Okay, the Lillith and Sam scene, I just  couldn't stomach her coming along, offering a deal that if Sam and Dean sacrifice themselves, she'll stand down from breaking the seals, ending the Apocalypse the whole kit and caboodle. Presumably, she somehow knows that she doesn't survive the battle and that all she wants is to be left alone to do what she wants yet live.  Now, this whole scene bugged the crap out of me.  Even if it was all a set up to showcase that Sam isn't strong enough to defeat Lillith, the whole deal thing makes no sense at all and is definitely a lose-lose proposition.  I mean the deal stinks to high heaven in every way. Lillith wants to live to play another day and will promise not to break anymore seals  and stop the Apocalypse if Sam and Dean offer themselves up, presumably she's appealing to their self-sacrificing genetics, but still, why would Sam believe that if he agreed, leaving Lillith alive even if she had to keep her word on the deal about the seals and the Apocalypse, why is that a good deal?  Just because it's saving one demon versus not agreeing and having the world come to an end?  She could still possess people, little girls likely, and  kill other people.  Can Sam really live with that choice?  Greater good and all? Dean asks later if Sam might have considered the deal, but you know his arrogance and lust for payback wouldn't have let him let Lillith live.  Come on!  

Maybe I'm confused, but that's no deal.  Also, if the prophecy, which is presumably immutable, by the way, is that once the first seal is broken by a righteous man shedding blood in Hell and it's only the righteous man who can stop it, no matter what deal Sam strikes with Lillith, only Dean can stop the Apocalypse if the prophecy is immutable.  Ah, but we don't know yet if Sam knows this little piece of info other than Chuck's off-handed comment about it being Dean's job to end the Apocalypse.  Sam reacted to that as if it wasn't necessarily up to Dean alone, that if Dean couldn't do it, Sam would.

So if Sam makes that deal, leaving Dean to be killed or whatever awful fate along with Sam as Lillith wants, then Sam takes out the one person who can stop the Apocalypse.  This brings into play that maybe there are 2 distinct agendas in motion here.  Dean's actions in Hell broke the first seal to start the Apocalypse, leaving Lillith in a position to continue breaking seals until she reaches the magical 66 presumably to raise Lucifer, now, even if she's out of the picture, what's to stop another demon from finishing off breaking the seals? She doesn't seem all that special other than as revenge fodder for Sam. If that's the case, Dean being gone in the deal she's proposing, would mean that there would be no one to stop the wheels of the Apocalypse from rolling along to it's disastrous conclusion and Lucifer would rise as well. Why, if Sam knew how important Dean was, would he even entertain the idea at all? So it's a stupid deal. Lillith is a piddly player in all this. She's just one of many who could make Lucifer rise.  Dean is the only one who can stop the Apocalypse. Okay, I have a headache.  And the idea that Lillith has to seal her deals with sex makes me go ewwww even more than Sam having sex with Ruby. Just yuck!  One last point, even if all this deal talk was just banter for Sam to exact his revenge on Lillith, that he never would have had sex or sealed the deal, for me, it was a useless moment. If it was to convey that Lillith doesn't live to see the end, if we accept this as the only truth coming from her mouth, it's only purpose was to fuel Sam's rage to kill her then that was clearly achieved because all Sam walked away with from that encounter is that he'll be the one to kill her. He didn't learn THE most valuable lesson and that is, he wasn't strong enough to beat Lillith, that if Dean hadn't come in at that moment, he'd be dead, I mean think about it.  He's been drinking Ruby's blood and already has demon blood in him as it is.  Seems to me if Lillith got him with the knife, he'd be destroyed as simply as any other demon.  Can you tell this irked me a little? Hee!

Sidenote:  The best part of that scene was Dean coming in with the Prophet Chuck like a knight in shining armor, daring Lillith to stay and get disintegrated by an archangel. This DeanGirl was in heaven then. Dean? Weak?  I think not. He's still got HERO written all over him.

Once again, the ending was AMAZING!  This time between Chuck and Zacariah.  Really eerie and scary. It gave me some serious bad vibes.

"Did you see it?"

"Who are you?"

"I'm Zacariah. You may know me from your work."

"What do you want?"

"Did you see it?"

Chuck nods, "Is it true? Is all that really going to happen?"

"Have you been wrong so far?"

"I gotta warn Sam and Dean -"

"I wouldn't advise it. People shouldn't know too much about their own destiny."

"You try and I'll stop you."

Such foreboding in this scene and such lovely fodder for speculation.  Clearly Chuck saw something that was awful, well, his reaction spoke  of awful, but who knows, it seems like something so bad that he wanted to warn Sam and Dean, but Zacariah threatened that he shouldn't.  Chuck's reaction to Zacariah doesn't necessarily bode well for who or what Zacariah is. Is he an angel? Or an angel like Uriel? If he can threaten Chuck and not worry about the archangel protecting him then that must mean he's of the same powerful ilk. I had to giggle a little about Chuck's threat to kill himself and Zacariah saying that he would just bring him back to life. The mystery deepens.

I LOVED this episode and they never cease to amaze and confound.  The build up is killing me ever so softly and I can't wait and want more!!!!!  

Whew!  Thanks for reading and for your comments. It's always appreciated.  See you in 2 weeks!!!

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Hello again!
I'm very happy to see another of your reviews. I have to work very hard to not read ALL of it and spoil myself totally, because, here in Spain, the last episode they emitted was one of the first of season 2. I have to buy the DVDs to see the show, and now my sister and I are watching s3 (and enjoying ourselves a lot) and waiting for the first half of S4 to arrive. But I'm weak, and many times I read your reviews and totally spoil myself, like you can see for my comments (I love our boy Dean and I love your comments, what can I say). This time I managed to stop after two paragraphs. (Yes, I'm one of those Deangirls too!)Of course, I've saved the review to read it later, hopefully after watching the episode.
I'd like to ask you a favor. I have the reviews you wrote in TVGuide until "A very supernatural Christmas" and the ones you have wrote here in LJ. Is there a place where I can find your reviews for s3 episodes 9-16 and s4 episodes 1-10? I like to read them (or re-read, sigh, like I said I'm weak) after watching the episodes. You always find and enjoy the good in every episode, just like I do, unlike other people who only complain about everything. There are a few people whose reactions I love to read, and I thank you for sharing your love for the show and your opinions with us.
Please, forgive me for my language mistakes, and thank you for your great work.


Thank you so much for your comment as always. It's always a delight to read your thoughts and they are very much appreciated. As for my other reviews from TV Guide, just before they took away the blog community part of the site, I saved all my reviews in PDF form. If you want to email me through LJ your email address I can send the PDFs to you. There are several of them because like always, they are long. I would be thrilled to send them to you to read. Thanks for your compliments about my blogs. I love the episodes and enjoy them, for me, if there is anything to complain about it's that there's not enough of Jensen and that's saying something because he's on them alot, hee! Also, I admit that I enjoy Dean suffering and wish for more of that, not so much emotional because we get plenty of that in lovely doses, but more physical suffering. Hee! You've read my stories, you know how bad I can be.

I'm glad you enjoy reading my blogs and again, I always appreciate your comments! Things are so busy with work that I have to be honest, I'm glad for a couple of weeks of no new episodes. I'd be hard pressed to keep up at this stage!

I found myself raising my hand up and going "Me! That's me! I'm a DeanGirl!"

Lol, I did the same thing!!! :D I wonder if Jared and Jensen have arguments that go something like, "My fan girls are better than your fan girls..." ;)

I thought it was a really nice tribute to us fans!! Making fun of our obsessiveness a little, sure, but hey, I'm okay with it. In my case, it's all sad, but delightfully true. HEE!!!

It totally was! I especially liked the, "Man, for fans, they sure do complain a lot." LOL.

Though as a fanfic writer, I JUST ABOUT busted yet another gut when he rattled off all he had done to them like the beatings, toying with their lives and their emotions for entertainment...I thought to myself, I've done worse to the boys and couldn't stop cackling to myself.

I cracked up at the part too, lol!!!!

Though I LOVE this scene and Chuck's take on Sam's behavior, I SO hate Sam's view of Dean's cautiousness.

I agree completely! I honestly don't see why Sam thinks Dean isn't really Dean anymore. Yes, he's been through a lot, and it will take a long time to heal from it all, if he ever really can, but that doesn't mean he's not still Dean. And when it comes to Lillith, waiting to face her until they're ready is the smart thing to do! Going up against Lillith and getting killed isn't going to do anybody any good! That's not fear, that's common sense! *glares at Sam*

This is such a logical strategy, but you can see that Sam resents it. He wants to go in guns blazing and off Lillith as quickly as possible because his arrogance is telling him that he can.

SO well put! Sam really has become arrogant, so much so that he refuses to listen, even when Dean's reasons for waiting are good ones.

I don't see that as weakness, loving and wanting to protect someone you love is the height of strength in my view.

Again, so wonderfully put! :)

There's such an irony here that Sam has protested in the past about not wanting to be less than human, making poor Dean promise to kill him if he became less than human, but no sooner than he believes he can't escape his fate, he embraces turning into something less than human under the guise of convincing himself that he's the only who can stop Lillith and the Apocalypse because he has the powers to do it.

There really is so much irony in that...and I think that Sam's belief that he's "doing the right thing" is what makes it so dangerous. One of my favorite quotes is, "No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks." -- Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin. I really think that fits Sam perfectly right now. But he has to realize that evil, even chosen for the right reasons, is still evil.

Then the capper of Castiel saying "You should have seen Luke". Just perfect!!!

Just had to add a Biblical note here :) : Luke wasn't a prophet, and actually, he wasn't one of the apostles either. He was simply a follower of Christ, a friend of Paul's and Mark's, and professionally, he was a well-educated doctor. The book of Luke was written by Luke to a high-ranking Roman official, as a complete account of the life of Jesus and the events that occurred during His ministry. Luke researched everything he described, and was able to have first hand accounts from many of the people he wrote about because they were still alive at the time he published his writings. Luke also wrote the book of Acts, which describes the struggles and miracles of the early church.

Kind of ironic that the writers of SN make him out to be...something of a mess. He was just the opposite. :)

On the prophecy note, I've always viewed prophecy this way: We have free will. But, God knows the choices we will make before we make them. He doesn't control the choices we make...He simply knows what they will be, and how it will impact us and those around us. I thought they did a good job of showing that in the episode.

Awesome, awesome blog as always!!! :)


Hey Soph! Sorry I have been away so long-real life has been nuts! I LOVED this one with all of my being because we got Smart, Brave, Beautiful, Desperate, Protector Dean! Wish, wish, wish with everything that's in me that Sam would see his brother for the wonderful human being that he is and would realize how lucky he(Sam)is to have had him in his life from the beginning!! Hopefully these last four will open his eyes! Looking forward to your thoughts on them!

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