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Robin Hood - Trust in Blood - Chapter 4/4

Summary: An alternate ending to the show. References to the last few episodes, but with different results. WARNING: There is a CHARACTER DEATH, but to one who did die at the show's end anyway. I needed to find a way to achieve better closure for everyone especially Guy.

A fanfiction written based on the characters from the Robin Hood BBC.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and I seek no financial gain. Just hope you enjoy the story. You don't have to be a fan of the show.

Trust in Blood

Chapter 4:

Robin and the others had returned with Kate, hearing that Guy had saved her from the Sheriff. They had found Guy unconscious and the Sheriff ranting at them with anger. It had amazed and worried them all that Guy didn't even stir from all the yelling.

Robin, Tuck and John carried Guy back to some clean bedding and Kate cleaned the wound again. It was still swollen and oozing pus. She applied more of Tuck's medicinal herb dressing and bandaged Guy again. He only stiffened for a moment and his breathing was rapid and raspy. What worried her most was how hot to the touch he felt.

If the Sheriff's complaining hadn't told them, they would have seen the wound that Guy had inflicted. It brought mirthful laughter, which withered with the collective concern over Guy's survival.

John, Tuck and Much pulled the Sheriff up to his feet, his yelling finally becoming too much and John took great pleasure in silencing him with one swift punch, for Guy. They tied him up and hoisted him onto a horse. They agreed that they would take him to Nottingham, face Isbella and end their reign for good.

Just before he left with them, Robin checked on Guy. Kate was sitting and watching him.

"He saved my life," She said to Robin as they watched him sleep fitfully.

Robin watched Guy's gaunt, ashen face and his own clenched with regret.

"He's trying very hard to make up for his past...for killing your brother," Robin paused. "For Marian."

"He has a raging fever, probably made worse by having helped me. He might even be dying," Kate said, unexpected concern in her voice.

"As long as he breathes, he lives. It's all we can do for him now. The rest is up to him," Robin said, his own concern showing in the tone of his voice.

"I don't know if he has the will to live anymore," John added sadly, his own guilt for being the cause of the injury.

All of them were silenced by the sobering comment for a moment then Robin straightened his posture.

"The best thing we can do for Guy is to take back Nottingham, bring down Isabella and the Sheriff, and more importantly rescue Archer."

Robin turned to Kate.

“Thank you for looking after him.”

Kate nodded and smiled.

“I promise we’ll be back.”

“Be careful.”

Robin and the men mounted their horses and rode off, the Sheriff safely hogtied and unconscious on a horse.

A few hours had passed with Guy unconscious and Kate continuing to cool him down with compresses.  Each time, he would stir and moan, but not awaken.

Kate found it difficult to hate Guy after he had saved her. She had always wondered how Robin could forgive someone who had killed the woman he loved and now she was doing the exact same thing, to the killer of her brother. Perhaps redemption could be earned and as she watched Guy suffer she thought that maybe he deserved that chance.

He then opened his eyes, his breathing slow and labored.

“Are you…all right?” He asked and she couldn’t help but feel appreciation as well as surprise.

“I am, thanks to you.”

“Why didn’t you…reveal me to the Sheriff?” Guy asked tiredly as he swallowed with difficulty. “You had…every right.”

Kate hesitated for a moment.

“To be honest, it was more impulse at first, then I realized I really wanted to protect you because I knew that even if I had told him, he’d kill us both. Least you might have had a chance.”

Guy took in a struggling breath and had been surprised by her answer.

“I’m sorry.”

“For what? You have nothing to be sorry about. I made my choice. I wouldn’t take it back.”

“It’s because of me…you were in danger…in the first place. You must promise…never to endanger yourself…for me…again. I’m not worth it.”

Kate was touched by the gesture.

“You let me be the judge of that,” Kate defended lightly. “You know, I could ask you the same thing. Why did you bother saving me? You so much as said yourself that you don’t like me.”

Guy smiled weakly then.

“I guess you don’t know me as well as you think,” Guy said, but the words brought back a memory and tears into his eyes.

“What? What’s wrong?” Kate asked, concerned.

“Nothing…just another memory that haunts me…” Guy moaned. “I said…the same thing to Marian.”

Kate felt sympathy for him.

“But I was wrong. She knew…I was a monster…still a monster…I was just a pawn…I can’t blame her now…but…” Guy’s voice cracked. “I can never...change.”

“Even I can see that you’re trying to make things right –“

“No, no, nothing I do now can undo…all the harm I’ve done, or bring back all the deaths I caused, your brother among them.”

“Robin’s forgiven you.”

Guy clenched his eyes closed. He groaned and Kate worried that he was getting worse and worse by the minute.

“I very much…doubt that…he may say he has, but he has every right not to and even if he has, I can never accept it…”

Suddenly, Guy’s expression changed, softened even further, almost wistful, his breathing strained and quickened, his eyes darted around as if searching for something. He then fixed his gaze back at Kate and she knew that he wasn’t seeing her.

“Mother?” Guy said, his voice like a little boy’s, “I’m so sorry.”

Guy began to sob and Kate realized that he was lost in his delirium.

“I killed you…and father…the fire…”

Kate had remembered what Robin had told her.

“No, Guy,” she pretended for his sake. “It wasn’t your fault.”

Guy arched with pain and instinctually Kate grabbed his hand to give comfort. She was worried that Guy was dying, but she was determined that he wouldn’t die alone. No one deserved that and in her eyes, Guy had earned that comfort.

His breathing began to hitch and stagger.

“I’ve done…heinous things…I’ve shamed you…”

“Hang on, Guy. You must live,” Kate said, still pretending to be his mother, but meaning it in her own way.

“I won’t be joining you and father…I’ve done so much evil.”

Kate felt her heart break for Guy. No longer able to hide behind his façade, the fever leaving him raw and baring his soul openly.

“I’m…afraid…to…die.” He breathed. “Afraid of the…torment waiting for me…I’m truly a coward…”

Having heard Guy’s declarations of wanting to die, believing that dying was the only way he could escape his guilt as well as pay for all the pain he had caused, to now hear him tell his mother that he was afraid to die, made him all the more human to her.

“Guy, you mustn’t give up –“

“Do you…forgive me?”

Kate swallowed. Though she knew he wasn’t asking for her forgiveness, the plaintive request was heartfelt and she felt it easy to place herself not only in his mother’s shoes but also in her own as well.

“Of course, I do.”

In the distance, she heard the horses’ hooves of who she hoped would be Robin and the gang. She wasn’t sure Guy had long.

Robin was the first to check on them, the shock of Guy’s condition striking him silent for a moment.

“I think he’s dying, Robin,” she said, her throat clogged with tears.

“No, no, he’s not,” Robin said, regret gripping his chest. “Guy?”

“He’s been hallucinating. The fever is fierce now. He thought he saw his mother.”

Robin grimaced with sympathy and guilt.

“Guy? Can you hear me? It’s Robin.”

Guy let go of Kate’s hand and they both saw some clarity and recognition come back into his eyes.


“Yeh, it’s me, my friend.”

“We were once, weren’t we? Friends? Back as boys?” Guy wheezed.

Robin was taken aback, not only by the memory and admission but by Guy’s plaintive voice. It was no longer gruff, but sad almost pleading.

‘We still are,” Robin admitted, trying to give Guy something to hold on to, an admission that was slowly becoming a truth.

Guy’s face then became profoundly sad.

“I may be dying, Robin…but I know the truth…”

Guy trembled with pain. Robin felt Guy grab his arm and he didn’t pull away.

“You’re not –“

“I want it…to end now,” he said.

“No, you don’t, Guy, you told your mother you didn’t want to die,” Kate reminded.

Robin have her a puzzled look. Guy just smiled.

“I told her I was afraid…I’m a coward to the end…I just want release now, but, Robin? I need…to know…”

“That he saved me?” Archer’s voice came through the haze of Guy’s pain.

Guy’s expression was one of as close to happiness as he thought he would ever find in his life after killing Marian.

“Brother…” Guy gasped with relief at the sound of his voice.

“Yes, brother, Robin has saved me. Isabella and the Sheriff have been defeated so you must live so that we can become family finally.”

Guy’s face softened as he struggled to breathe.

“I’m…afraid…I cannot…I feel death at my throat…I…” Guy stiffened and this time it was Archer who took his hand and he felt Robin clutching the other. He smiled. “Still, I am glad…to have lived long enough to…see us together…however brief.”

“Guy…” Robin said his voice was filled with sadness.

“I don’t deserve your remorse…nor your grief…it’s enough…that you are both here…so I won’t die alone…I don’t deserve that as well, but am grateful…”

Archer and Robin gave each other knowing glances.

Guy looked over at Robin, feeling his tenuous thread to life fraying quickly, needed to confess to his brothers.

“I didn’t…mean to kill her…” Guy said mournfully.

Robin straightened a bit. He wasn’t prepared to hear that from Guy. He had always assumed that Guy had killed Marian with malice and revenge so to hear that he hadn’t harbored those intentions surprised him. Robin believed that Guy was giving him a deathbed confession and didn’t question the veracity of his words. It suddenly gave him an overwhelming sadness to realize that he would lose someone who had known Marian as he had, had loved her as deeply as he had, that he was losing someone to share memories of her to keep her alive to him.

“She professed…her love…for you completely…happily…her joy…evident…” Guy continued, his exhaustion deepening with every breath he struggled to take. He had hoped sharing how happy she had been would somehow make it easier for Robin. He could do little more now.

Robin swallowed at the revelation and hearing the truth behind her death, and just as suddenly, he felt the anger and recrimination for Guy slowly fading.

“I…loved her…I truly did…but…jealous rage blinded me…and before I realized what I was doing…it was…too late…it does not acquit me…for what I have done…but you needed to know…she loved you, Robin, she always loved you…I knew it all along…I was a fool to think otherwise…but at that moment…at her joy at expressing it…I…lost myself,” Guy cried out and stiffened in pain.

Robin, so moved by the confession, had found himself feeling freed from his own guilt and anger.

“Say no more, friend. I understand and whether you want it or not, I forgive you.”

Guy nodded. He then turned to Archer.

“Your mother and father…loved you very much…” He said.

Archer’s expression became stoic and sadness filled his heart for having never known his parents. Robin was surprised yet again at Guy’s mention of his father and in the kind acknowledgement towards him. He didn’t know if he possessed such a charitable assessment of his father’s actions.

“They were…good people…caught in a world…that forbade them of their love…you are proof of that love…Robin can tell you more…of their characters…as time doesn’t permit to do so…myself.”

“Thank you, brother,” Archer acknowledged, grateful for Guy’s words.

Guy had no more strength left and in his delirium he saw his parents, smiling with approval and suddenly, it didn’t matter what fate awaited him in the next life. He had done all he could in this one. He knew it wouldn’t be enough, but having unburdened his soul to his brothers, his family, he felt free.

“Mother…Father…” Guy rasped.

Then just beyond his reach he saw Marian. Ah, how sweet delusions were in near death, he thought to himself.

Everyone watched as Guy’s expression changed, knowing that he was seeing something that they weren’t privy to see themselves.

“Marian?” Guy gasped. “You can’t be here…I am lost to you because of my deeds…”

“No, Guy, you have redeemed yourself by your confessions…”

Guy’s eyes filled with tears.

“If only…I could believe…that to be true…but perhaps it’s enough…that the madness will lead me into the dark abyss.”

“Guy?” Robin called out softly, hearing him speak her name. “If you see her…tell her I love her and…protect her for me…”

Guy blinked and looked at Robin actually feeling the sincere sadness and loss. More importantly, his asking him to protect her had been a supreme act of forgiveness, entrusting her to him in the next life.

“I…promise, brother…” Guy said as he exhaled his last breath and his grip on the arms of his two brothers loosened.

Robin and Archer reached out to each other at that moment and the only sound you could hear in the forest were sobs.

FIN. Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed it and will forgive me for killing Guy off. I felt he deserved a noble end as well as closure.

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Just had to say again how wonderfully heartbreaking this is! You did indeed give Guy a noble end. :)

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