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Robin Hood - Trust in Blood - Chapter 3/4

Summary: An alternate ending to the show. References to the last few episodes, but with different results. WARNING: There is a CHARACTER DEATH, but to one who did die at the show's end anyway. I needed to find a way to achieve better closure for everyone especially Guy.

A fanfiction written based on the characters from the Robin Hood BBC.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and I seek no financial gain. Just hope you enjoy the story. You don't have to be a fan of the show.

Trust in Blood

Chapter 3:

Kate took the fabric that were his makeshift bandages, drenched with blood and pus and walked out of the encampment to wash them. Suddenly, she heard footsteps behind her, but before she could get a weapon to defend herself, she had been strong-armed into submission. She shrieked with anger and struggled, but to no avail. Then she heard horses hooves. When she saw the rider, she sucked in a breath with shock.

“Lovely day for laundry, isn’t it?” Said a familiarly sarcastic voice.

It sent chills down Kate’s spine.

“It can’t be! You’re supposed to be dead,” Kate uttered.

“Yes, well, Gisborne did try, but he should have checked his work. Typical of him. He was always a disappointment to me. Speaking of disappointments, where is he, by the way?” The once Sheriff of Nottingham asked.

If it had been even as recently as a day ago, she would have surrendered Guy in an instant, even if it didn’t save her, it would have been worth it to watch Guy be punished, but now, she suddenly couldn’t bring herself to betray him.

“I have no idea,” she said as defiantly as she could. “And I could bloody well care less.”

“Funny, I don’t believe you. I’ve heard that he’s joined your merry band to seek revenge on his sister.”

“I don’t know anything about that. The whole family could rot for all I care,” she spat out.

“You’re not a very good liar,” he said.

“Why would I protect him? He killed my brother!”

“True, but to win Robin Hood’s favor and affections, now that Marian is no longer your competition, you could probably learn to tolerate Gisborne, hmmm?”

“Marian will be the only woman he loves so I haven’t got a chance. I know that. Besides, Robin would never accept Gisborne. He killed the love of his life.”

“Still, you’ll make a very nice bargaining chip indeed, won’t you? Take her!”

Guy had been awakened by Kate’s shriek and knew something was wrong. He was in agony, but bit the pain into silence and submission as he slowly propped himself up.

He knew he had to help her.

He thought about pulling his sword, but he knew he would have no chance with anyone in a swordfight. He had to hope that his arrow skills would be sufficient. He found a spare bow and grabbed a quiver with arrows in it then slung them over his shoulder. He didn’t have time to count them. He had to hope they would be enough. More importantly, he had to hope that he would stay conscious and in control to shoot them true.

He grabbed a long branch to use as a cane. It would help his mobility and hopefully maintain any stealth he had hoped to accomplish. He heard the voices. They were close. He approached slowly, continuing to bite back his pain. Finally the voices became clearer and one brought a chill.

The Sheriff was still alive.

“How could that be?” He thought to himself. He had watched him die.

As he got closer, his eyes verified what he had heard.

He set aside his shock. Kate needed to be rescued. She was protecting him and would die doing it. He couldn't have another life sacrificed to save him.

He had found his chance for retribution as well as his chance to do one thing right.

He leaned against a tree and pulled the bow off. He positioned himself so that he could easily reach the arrows in the quiver in order to shoot as many consecutive arrows as he could. Luckily for him, the Sheriff only had two other men with him. One of them was holding Kate. Guy could take them out and free her so that she could warm Robin. He had to help Robin if death didn’t take him first.

He aimed and fired quickly. Both of the Sheriff’s men went down.

“RUN, KATE!”  He yelled as he hobbled over, bow and arrow ready and aimed at the Sheriff, pain indistinguishable everywhere in his body.

“Guy?” Kate shrieked in relief, shock and surprisingly, concern.

Kate saw his heroics and her heart ached for his suffering in order to save her.

“Run and warn Robin. QUICKLY!”

“But –“

“GO!” He demanded.

Kate, though conflicted finally ran as Guy held the Sheriff at bay.

“Gisborne, so, you have turned on me, after all.”

“Something I should have done years ago.”

“Yes, well, you did try to kill me and I promise you, I will have you pay for that.”

Guy heard horse’s hooves ride off and knew that Kate had ridden away. He still kept the arrow pointed, giving her as much time as he could. His grip was weakening so he knew he wouldn't be able to hold the Sheriff indefinitely and he didn't have the strength to kill him. He knew he had expended all he had to save Kate. He had no regrets.

“Perhaps, but for now…” Guy said as he made a decision and let go of the arrow, plunging it into the Sheriff’s leg. “I shall have my pound of flesh.”

The Sheriff growled in pain as his horse bucked in fear and he fell from the saddle. It then sped off into the forest.

Guy lowered the bow, his strength almost entirely gone, but at least he had prevented the Sheriff from not only going after Kate, but the wound he had given him would certainly fester and his death would be equally painful as his own.

The Sheriff looked up at him, screeching in pain.

“Why didn’t you kill me, Gisborne?”

“Because killing you outright would be too easy. You and I, we don’t deserve quick and speedy deaths. We deserve to die torturously as we ourselves have delivered so many deaths as such. Only then will I have my true retribution for Marian.”

Guy could no longer stand and found a nearby tree to lean then sit against. His breathing was ragged and the mere act of breathing was fiery agony. A part of him inwardly begged for release, but he knew he would be rightfully denied.

The Sheriff, tried to stand, used a tree to pull himself up, but walking was an impossibility and now without his horse, he knew he could only sit back down for now.

Guy watched with pleasure the Sheriff’s feeble attempts at finding some kind of escape.

“Ah, so once again, it comes down to your precious Marian the leper. You yielded the sword that killed her and yet you still hold me responsible. Hardly the words of a repentant man, don’t you think?” He taunted as he grunted.

Guy grimaced from both pain and memory.

“I know I’ll never be redeemed…I harbor no illusions nor ask forgiveness for my actions…you and I both will face our reckoning for our crimes. I’m ready. Are you?” Guy asked, knowing what the answer would be. The Sheriff would always see himself as blameless.

“As always, Gisborne, you allow yourself to fall victim to your self-pitying conscience, placed there by your mewling affection for Marian no doubt. Well, you may think you need to make peace with yourself and to whatever God you worship, but I will live to see another day and when that day comes, I will see to your betrayal in swift order.”

The Sheriff grimaced, but growled with the pain, acting more inconvenienced than anything else.

Guy was now immune to any threats the Sheriff could throw at him. He knew that he was in no position to carry them off and Guy was close enough to death that anything the Sheriff did to hasten it he would consider mercy; mercy that he didn’t deserve nor was in the Sheriff’s nature to provide.

“Your threats mean nothing. I may beat you to hell, but you will face it as well, if not by infection, than by Robin’s hand. It matters little to me. I have rendered you impotent, now I have the power.”

“Unlike you, I will not wait for Robin Hood to decide my destiny and I wouldn’t get too attached to that power. From the looks of you, you’ll be dead in short order,” the Sheriff said as he pulled the arrow out of his leg.

He screamed in pain.

Guy felt drained. He was finished. He could barely breathe. He just wanted it all to end. He felt himself drifting and saw the Sheriff trying to stand again, but he no longer could do anything about it. He had to hope that all his efforts would be enough.

He saw movement through the trees and as it came closer, he saw the visage of Marian again. He couldn’t tell if he was already dead or had just fallen unconscious.

This time, he didn’t care if she was a hallucination or not. He would draw comfort in her presence.

“Marian…” he whispered.

“Guy,” she answered back with a delicate smile.

“You’re so…beautiful…I’m grateful that my fevered mind is allowing me to envision you at the end…”

“You are not at the end –“

“Soon…” Guy said.

“Guy, you have much to do…”

“No, I’m finished. I see that even as a vision, you resist me…” He smiled.

“There is so much good in you, Guy. You saved Kate. You’ve destroyed the Sheriff –“

Guy arched with pain.

“I should have killed him when you had asked…you’d be alive if I had…again, too little too late…”

“You have much to give, Guy of Gisborne. Do it in my memory, if you must,” she requested softly.

Guy looked at her face and saw tears.

“Robin will do tribute to you…He is the better man...”

“It is not Robin alone who can."

Guy drew in a painful deep breath and exhaled with exhaustion. He shook his head.

"I am tired. I've had enough of fighting..."

"Guy, you must try. Please. Robin and the others, they need your help."

"You overestimate me."

"No, it is you who underestimates your worth."

“Marian, do one last thing for me…”

“Name it.”

“Just tell me you love me even though I know it to be a lie…”

“Guy, I truly did love you when you stayed to fight back Prince John’s army, when you tried to help me escape Winchester, when you had Allen act as the Night Watchman to save me from hanging.  All those moments brought love for you into my heart because I saw your humanity, your compassion. You do possess those things along with the same skills as Robin’s to save more lives.”

"And yet...you still reject me...one last time..." Guy said with a shaky smile. "It doesn't matter anymore..."

"Guy, please..."

"I know you'll...never believe me...but you will always be the love of my life..."

Guy's eyes then closed.

TO BE CONTINUED…Thanks for reading.

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Aw, poor Guy! You do a wonderful job writing him. He has so many regrets...it really makes you feel for him. I'm so curious to see what will happen next. :)

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