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Robin Hood - Trust in Blood - Chapter 2/4

Summary: An alternate ending to the show. References to the last few episodes, but with different results. WARNING: There is a CHARACTER DEATH, but to one who did die at the show's end anyway. I needed to find a way to achieve better closure for everyone especially Guy.

A fanfiction written based on the characters from the Robin Hood BBC.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters and I seek no financial gain. Just hope you enjoy the story. You don't have to be a fan of the show.

Trust in Blood

Chapter 2:

The rescue of Archer had been dicey, all three of them almost getting hanged for their troubles, and even after all that, he had left them in the dust, seemingly ungrateful for their attempts at the rescue.

Still, Archer was saved the hangman’s rope. It was something, Robin thought. The rest would be time spent finding him again. If his father, ill as he was, dying as he was, could doggedly find him each and every time, they should have no problem.

The thought of his father gave him pause. Somewhere his father was awaiting death alone. Despite some remaining bitterness for keeping the secret of his affair with Gisborne’s mother all these years, let alone the existence of Archer, he was still his father and Robin couldn’t easily detach himself from the devotion and the lessons he had learned from him as a young boy. His father wasn’t wrong. He had become the man he was because he thought he had died in that fire.

His father had lied to him all these years and yet he had forgiven him, promised him that he would find his half brother. Guy’s crimes were more heinous in comparison, of course, especially because of Marian. No one, not one of his men would have thought it uncharitable if he never forgave Guy and yet, watching Guy battle to save Archer, to rescues his men, Robin couldn’t help, but witness his desire to be redeemed even if Guy, himself, had told him he had no such ambition.

Suddenly he heard a baritone groan and knew it to be Gisborne.

“ROBIN!” John called out as he helped Guy to some bedding nearby.

Guy arched and groaned with every movement as he grabbed his side, blood oozing from between his fingers. Robin ran over and bent down to him. He took a blade to cut away at the clothing to see the wound.

“What happened?” He asked as he worked.

John stalled for a second as if in shock over what he was about to say.

“Gisborne saved my life. Put himself in the path of a sword because I hadn’t seen…”

Guy groaned with more pain as Robin finally tore enough material away to see the wound. It was deep and bleeding profusely, but he didn’t think it was life threatening on its own still, being out there in the forest, infection of an open wound like that was almost certain. It wasn’t the wound that killed, but the infection that followed. The quicker they attended to it, the better for Guy.

“John and Much, get me as much material as you can so that I can try to keep the bleeding under control.”

They pulled clothes from every direction and handed them to Robin. He pressed them against Guy’s wound and he shuddered and continued to groan with pain. When he looked towards Robin and the rest of his gang he smiled a vulnerable smile.

“Perhaps you…shouldn’t try so hard to save me…” Guy said, then his smile died away as he shoved Robin’s arms away, groaning with the pain it caused.

“What are you doing?” Robin asked.

“What everyone wants…I know your nature, Robin, your humanity will prevent you from letting me die as you and the others too want. I’m just making the choice easier for you…just let me die,” Guy gasped and grunted.

Robin looked into Guy’s eyes and saw through the pain.

“Robin, we can’t let him die…I can’t let him die. He saved my life,” John said, as shocked as everyone else that he was advocating saving him.

Guy turned to John, his expression sincere and conciliatory.

“I did it because…Robin needs you…everyone here does…you need to help… find Archer…I…I won’t be missed,” Guy said a trembling smile returned to his face. “By anyone.”

John was stunned by Guy’s words.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Guy. We’re not going to let you die,” Robin said.

Guy turned his gaze to Kate whom he knew hated him more than anyone in the group. He grinned at her.

“Maybe you should…rethink that…Kate there, I know she’d like to see me dead…can’t blame her…she’s the only sensible one here…she knows how worthless I am. Perhaps letting me die would put you in her good graces…”

Kate gave Guy a hardened stare, but even she felt herself softening at the sight of his suffering and hearing the words of people she respected, John and Robin. She couldn’t bring herself to throw a cruel retort back at Guy.

"I don't need you to champion my worth to this band of men, Guy of Gisborne so I'd thank you to concentrate on yourself."

Guy smiled.

"Spit and vinegar she is."

His smile then faded, his breathing labored with the pain.

Robin knew that Guy was trying to goad everyone into defying his decision, but he also knew he wouldn’t succeed.

He then felt Guy still and go limp under his hands. At first it startled him, but he felt the rise and fall of Guy's breathing and was reassured.

“Come on, help me. We need to stitch him up and stop the bleeding while he’s unconscious.”

Tuck, John, Much and Allen all took one end of the bedding and brought Guy to a small corner where he would be protected from the elements. Robin then went to work.  Kate bent down and handed him a sterilized needle and thread, the best they had under the circumstances. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Thank you,” he said.

“I’ll get some water to clean the wound,” she replied.


Robin and Kate had done all they could to help Guy. They were grateful that he had remained unconscious the entire time because the work they had performed to repair the wound would have been agony for him. Still, though after many hours, they worried that Guy would not emerge from unconsciousness.

Robin looked over at Kate and smiled.

“Thank you for helping me save him,” he said.

“Don’t thank me yet. He could still die,” she said, but without the sharp-edged bitterness of before. “How do you do it? How can you save him after all he’s done?”

Robin looked down at Guy, a pensive expression on his face.

“When my father told us about Archer, he said that our lives could have been very different if it weren’t for the mistakes of our parents. Guy was not born evil, Kate. He’s seen the real me, the arrogant child who thought himself a better marksman than everyone else. I let Guy take the blame for injuring a villager when it was my fault. Guy didn’t point the finger at me. He just took it. When our parents died, it was then that I had realized my calling. Guy didn’t have that chance. I didn’t give him that chance. He grew up in pain, believing he killed his parents. I understand him better now.”

Kate saw the regret on Robin’s face.

“I wasn’t sure whether we’d rescue Archer or not. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to…that he’d be a reminder of my father’s betrayal…I actually asked Guy about what should we do and without hesitation he said we were going to York. He had already made up his mind,” Robin said. “I know him to be loyal. He was just misguided and loyal to the wrong person, but loyal nonetheless. I don’t know if I can forgive him for Marian, but now that I know the whole truth, I have to at least make up to him for my part in making him who he is today.”

Kate listened and she began to understand. The hatred she felt for Guy was dissipating and grief for her dead brother was replacing it. If Robin could get past the pain and grief that Guy had caused, see beyond the evil deeds he’d done, then perhaps she could too.

Guy began to stir, groaning.

“I’ll get some water for him to drink,” Kate said.

Robin knew that she was giving him some time to talk to him.

Guy opened his eyes, his breathing wheezing intakes of air from exhaustion. He focused on Robin.

“Still alive then,” he groaned as if disappointed.

“You might not be for long. Not exactly a doctor, you know,” Robin joked. “Kate’s gone for water.”

“You shouldn’t have wasted your precious resources on me…” Guy said tiredly.

Guy blinked slowly as if struggling to stay awake.

“You saved John. The Guy I knew before wouldn’t’ve bothered.”

“He’s still here…it was merely reflex…”

“Oh come on now, do you really expect me to believe that?” Robin scoffed.

“I’m too bloody tired to try to convince you of anything and frankly, I don’t care what you believe. Just leave me to die,” Guy said, trying to sound defiant, even cruel, but the pain just made him sound pathetic to his own ears.

“I think I’ll help you live just to spite you,” Robin said with humor.

Guy looked at him and couldn’t help his own smile.

“That would be just like you…or you’d nag me to death for that matter,” Guy teased back.

They both laughed, Guy’s laughter was then cut off with pain. Robin’s expression fell as well.

“Seriously, Guy, I’m grateful that you saved John. He is too. He’s not an easy man to win over.”

Guy took in a deep cleansing breath.

“I doubt I’ll win over any of your gang…especially Kate…” Guy sighed. “I don’t blame her. I don’t blame any of them.”

“I know that I told my father I could never –“

Guy stiffened both from pain and anxiety maybe even anger.

“Don’t! Don’t you dare forgive me!” Guy said, his agitation causing him more pain.

“What? Why not?” Robin asked confused by Guy’s reaction.

“Because I don’t want it. I don’t deserve it. I killed an innocent and loving woman. A woman I professed to love and yet I killed her. I took her away from both of us. There is no forgiving that,” Guy said taking in ragged breaths, mixed with them were tears.

Robin heard the words he had needed to hear since Marian was killed.  Guy had felt remorse, from the very beginning, deeper than he had ever expected. He had been keeping it to himself, his arrogance and anger only a façade for the guilt, because he had believed that no one would accept it, that no one would believe he was capable of it, and Robin had been one of them. More sadly, Robin had concluded that Guy didn’t feel he had anyone to share it with. He did now.

“Remember you telling me that the self-loathing, the pain and hatred I felt for myself would never go away, that I’d hate myself more. You were right all along…and now it’s time I reaped what I have sowed.”

“I remember, Guy, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be wrong about you. You feel remorse for what you did to Marian. I can feel it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear. Knowing it makes it easier to forgive you.”

“It changes nothing. Maybe you can forgive me, you are a better man than I, but I told you I never will and I meant it.”

Kate came in with the water and the discussion abruptly ended.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“It’s all right. Guy needs to rest,” Robin said. “We’ll continue this later.”

Guy smiled.

“You’re as stubborn as she was,” Guy said wistfulness in his voice.

Robin smiled in return.

“No one was as stubborn as she was,” Robin said with a small smile. “Rest now.”

Robin walked away.

Kate looked at Guy.

“I’ll pour you a cup of water, if you’d like,” Kate offered.

Guy shook his head.

“Thank you, but no,” Guy said.

He looked into her eyes and an overwhelming regret for what he had done to her brother nearly choked him. If he was going to gain any redemption, he knew he had to face his accusers and the crimes he had committed against them.

“I know it won’t change things and I’m not asking for forgiveness, but I am sorry about your brother. I was in a dark place. It’s no excuse and I don’t expect you to believe me, but I am sorry.”

Kate had hardened her heart against Guy since the death of her brother. She didn’t know what to do with a heart feeling sympathy towards the man’s obvious and sincere pain and guilt.

“I believe you.”

“You don’t have to lie.”

“What makes you think I’m lying? I don’t say things I don’t mean,” she protested lightly.

Guy smiled.

“Spit and vinegar indeed,” Guy rasped.

“From the sound of your voice, you need water, now take some or do I have to pour it down your throat?”

Guy smiled again and relented. She gently helped him take some sips. When it seemed he could take no more, she stopped.

“Thank you,” he said.

Guy watched as Kate nodded. She took a quick glance towards Robin. He knew then she had feelings for him.

“You care for him, don’t you?” He said.

Kate became flustered.

“I admire him. I can only hope to be as good a person as he is.”

“You already are. He sees that.”

“Now who’s the liar?” She scoffed.

Kate sat in a chair next to Guy and sighed.

“His only love was Marian. I know that.”

“Still, you hope…”

Kate sighed dreamily. “Hope’s a fool’s game.”

“You are no fool. That I know.”

Guy closed his eyes both in pain and from memory.

“I took her from him, from both of us, but unlike me, he has a full life ahead of him. He will need a good woman by his side.”

Kate heard Guy’s earnestness with his words and she appreciated it.

“I don’t know if I’ll be good enough for him.”

“Your spit and vinegar spirit is exactly what he needs, someone who will protect him when his goodwill gets the better of him. Like you did with me.”

Kate couldn’t help but smile yet it faded quickly.

“You’re not going to die. Robin and I did a rather good job on you so you better not make a liar out of me.”

Guy arched with pain and groaned his answer and Kate was actually worried. He then seemed to have lost consciousness.


“I would rather die than be with you, Guy of Gisborne.”

Guy trembled violently as if ice cold. He shook again and saw Marian there.

“It’s right that I should never be free of you. What better torment for me? Your last words to me reminding me of what I’ve done.”

Marian smiled.

“No, not dead yet, Guy. You must fight to live.”

“What for?”

"For them," she said as she looked towards Robin and his band. "They are your path towards true salvation."

Guy stiffened in pain, but gazed at Marian.

"Or am I just a way to keep them safe for your sake, to keep Robin safe as a favor to you?" Guy said, wearily. “You wouldn’t be the first to use me as a tool.”

Guy wasn't angry or sad about Marian's silent answer. It spoke volumes. He had gotten used to her stalled responses when it came to confrontations about her feelings, her feelings for Robin in particular.

It was different now. He no longer held any delusions about her love for him. He had finally accepted being denied it.

Marion could only gaze at him sweetly.

"Even in death you cannot lie about your love for Robin, but I no longer harbor the fantasy of ever having had your affections," he said sadly.

"Guy..." Marion’s expression was sad.

Guy's eyes began to flutter closed.

"My will to live doesn't matter anymore. It died the day I killed you. I have no fight left in me."

Guy watched the visage of Marian fade away and in that moment he knew he would never see her again, delusion or not.

"I'm sorry, Marian. I've failed you for the very last time. You'll have your revenge soon."


Living in the forest, you had to be alert so sleep was elusive at worst, half-invested at best. Robin jerked awake to a sound. It was wet and ragged...Guy.

He rushed over to where Guy was and the labored breathing got louder.


Guy looked ashen, body contorted in the struggle to breath and to defeat what was obvious to Robin as fever.

Infection: Just as he had feared.

He unraveled the bandages to reveal Guy's wound which was oozing pus and the makeshift stitches were stretched across the laceration being pulled by the swelling that had formed there.

Guy jerked with pain as the bandages were peeled away. He weakly tried to fend off the action, but couldn't muster much more than a swat or two. He tried to focus on Robin, phlemy vision making it difficult to see clearly.

"Leave it," Guy said, taking in shallow breaths.

"Guy, we have to keep the wound clean-"

"I know some medicinal plants that might help," Tuck piped in as he too was awakened. "I'll go in search right now."

"I'll get more water," Kate said joining in.

"Just let me die," Guy rasped.

Robin saw the same resignation in his eyes when he had admitted to Robin that he could never forgive himself for killing Marian. He had no will left.

"Guy, you must fight -"

Guy smiled and it seemed so out of context to his suffering body.

"That's what she said..."

"Who?" Robin asked, but realization hit him. "Marian?"

"She's been haunting me...trying to tell me to live," Guy laughed, but it sounded more like he was drowning. "But I know the truth..."

"And what's that?"

"She wants me to protect you."

"Guy, it's an illusion. It's all in your head. You’re delirious with fever from the infection."

Robin’s concern grew.

"Robin!!" called Much, interrupting their discussion and Robin's answer.

"What is it, Much?"

"Word from Nottingham has it that Archer tried to negotiate with Isabella -"

"And she played him. She's imprisoned him, hasn’t she?" Robin finished able to predict the obvious outcome.

Much nodded in affirmation.

Guy became agitated and concerned.

"You must…rescue him," he said as he trembled with pain.

"Of course, but we can't leave you alone."

"Archer is more important! You will need all in your band to defeat Isabella and rescue him. My only regret is that I won't have the satisfaction of being there."

Guy groaned.

"Leave...me! I'm as good as dead anyway," Guy yelled breathless with pain. "Save our brother, Robin. Save him."

Guy pleaded with heartbreaking conviction. Robin had never equated such devotion to anyone that didn't imply some kind of gain for Guy. He only heard concern for a brother now.

"Guy, you're not dying, not if I have any say."

"You don't. Go! Now! You haven't much time. Isabella will destroy him."

"I'll stay with him," Kate said. "He's right, you'll need everyone to defeat Isabella."

"I don't need a nursemaid!" Guy protested.

"Quite right and you'll not be getting one neither," Kate said defiantly.

She saw Robin's conflict.

"Go," she encouraged.

She gave Guy a teasing glare.

"I promise not to kill him unless he gives me good cause."

"Thank you," Robin said as he pecked her lightly on the lips 

"I've made a poultice for Guy's wound," Tuck said to her. "Put it on. It will hopefully help."

Kate smiled and nodded.

"Come on lads," Robin inspired as they gathered their weapons and mounted their horses.

He gave one last glance at Guy.

"Do not spare her, Robin," Guy said resignedly. "I destroyed her...like me...she cannot be saved."

Robin nodded reluctantly and set off.

Kate watched them leave admittedly feeling left out.

"You should go with them," Guy said his voice weak.

Kate turned towards him. She grabbed the bowl with Tuck’s poultice and walked over to him. She also brought over the wet cloth.

"Someone has to make sure you don't do yourself in."

She cleaned the wound and Guy arched and hissed.

"I'm sorry," she said sincerely.

"It's all right, but I am not worth saving. Victory over Isabella will ensure King Richard's reign. You've all earned that."

Kate found herself softening towards Guy. He wasn't the man who had killed her brother now. That Guy, if she were to think about it, was in a kind of agony that only now she could acknowledge. She hadn't known then that he had lost someone he had loved and by his own hand.

"As long as it happens. That's all that matters," she said as she applied the poultice and wrapped his wound.

Guy twitched and writhed. His body was drenched in sweat yet burning to the touch. It surprised Kate. It also worried her.

"Isabella? Your sister?" Kate tested, not wanting to ask directly.

He nodded tiredly.

"I...what I did to her..." Guy's expression broke with regret, his eyes watering, but he snorted. “It’s quite ironic…there was a time that I would have cared less what anyone thought of what I had done to her. Now, I can’t even bring myself to tell you for fear of your judgment. I’m truly a coward.”

Kate felt empathy. Guy clenched in pain and his eyes were still wet with regret.

"Your brother was a good man and if I could switch places, I'd gladly bring him back to you."

Kate was surprised by the admission. She had almost come to acceptance about her brother's death, was determined to avenge his death, but now she had an understanding of his killer.

"I believe you," she said. “Perhaps I’ve been wrong about you.”

“No, you saw how I killed your brother, there is nothing good in me, I am the monster you believe me to be. What you see now is just broken vestiges. All I want now is to die and be done with this life, face the torture that awaits me.”

Kate watched Guy shudder in pain and with fever-induced chills again and his words resonated with her. She had felt that loss and emptiness when her brother had died in her arms.

Guy then fell silent with sleep.

TO BE CONTINUED…Thanks for reading!