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Unforgiven: "I got a freaking soul now and it won’t let me just walk away.”
A Supernatural Blog - Season 6 Episode 13 

There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, that can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.  - Ella Wheeler Wilcox

To the soul, there is hardly anything more healing than friendship. - Thomas Moore 

The soul of man is immortal and imperishable. - Plato

The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. -John Burroughs

This episode was a WONDERFUL way to introduce soul-back Sam into a situation where we could compare the two in one episode and it's just AMAZING at how different the two are. Again, kudos to  Jared! This has been Jared's season to own and he had done it perfectly. You can see the differences between the two Sams, not just in their actions, but Jared's put everything into the nuances such as how he carries himself, the tone in his voice, the looks on his face, it's just incredible. If you put them side by side, you would totally see and understand why having the soulful Sam back is SO important.  Even Samuel makes the comment about how cold soulless Sam was and this is without the context of knowing that Sam didn't have his soul. Jared pulls off all of that and more when soulful Sam begins to have flashbacks to the last time he was in the town. 

For me, it was less about Sam coming back to right a wrong or at the very least, a missed opportunity. It did hark me back to Dean having to face the monster that got away in Something Wicked back in season 1, but it was more about me enjoying watching Sam own up to the things he did without a soul. Dean tries to ease Sam's conscience (so glad to see it back) by saying that it wasn't him, but I LOVE that Sam doesn't buy that no matter what "form" he was in mentally and on a deeper philosophical level, whether he had a soul or not, Sam doesn't let that be an excuse for his actions. It's like what he said in Like a Virgin. Just because he doesn't remember doing it, the zippo is in his pocket so in the end it's him.  It's like what he said in Born under a Bad Sign. Even though in that one, he was possessed by Meg, you knew that later, Sam hated that he had killed someone, watching the light go out of his eyes.

“Sam, you gotta understand that all that crap last year, all of it, none of it was you."

“Let’s be crystal clear, OK? It was me."


“I’m starting to think that I might’ve done some bad stuff here, Dean. And so I don’t care if it’s dangerous, I have to set things right cuz I got a freaking soul now and it won’t let me just walk away.”

These lines just hammer home wonderfully that Sam isn't shirking his responsibilities, that he may not be able to gain forgiveness (and one wonders how Bobby will come to terms with his own feelings) for everything he did without a soul, but that running away wasn't an option. There's a nobility there that shines brightly and it's refreshing to see.

Sidenote: I LOVED Samuel's Star Trek reference:

“So what, Roy’s just some red shirt to you? Just spider bait?”

Another sidenote: I thought it was HILARIOUS that the soap opera Brenna uses is Days of our Lives, the soap that both Jensen and Jim Beaver were on at one point or another. LOVED IT!

I liked that this episode played Sam's realization about what he did as soulless Sam like an amnesiac's flashback. It gave it tension and for me sympathy.  It followed up on Sam's declaration in Like a Virgin about finding out that he had done some terrible things soulless that he needed to put back to right. I enjoyed watching Sam put together the facts of when he was there last and that he was being lured back. He understands it's a trap and yet knows that he has to finish things.

I have to be honest, as a monster of the week, I was left feeling "eh" about it. It was like watching the TV movie IT by Stephen King and getting all this build up only to find out it was a spider. Talk about your let down. It was the same thing here. I felt like it was a bit of throwaway just to get Sam back to a place he'd been before and face his memories. I was more intrigued by Sam's "evolution" and discovery" than about the monster getting revenge.

I did get a tickle at Dean being impressed at soulless Sam's sexual exploits. It was amusing to see Dean enjoying watching a woman give Sam the cougar eye then later learning that Sam had gotten around.

“You really got around. I mean, soulless or not, I’m actually kind of impressed.”

Then to make the connection between those women and Sam was pure Dean deduction:

“I found the connection between the missing chicks. They all banged the same dude: You.”

One thing I forgot to address in my Like a Virgin blog was the discovery of what seems to be the big bad of this new mythology, the Mother of All. I'm enjoying the way my mind is speculating about this latest wrinkle. Mothers seem to be the thread that weaves in this season's episodes. There's Samuel who wants to bring back his daughter, Dean and Sam's mother, at what cost remains to be seen and then the alpha vamp teasing that they all have their mothers. And now she's been given a virgin girl to "inhabit" to wreak whatever havoc awaits our boys.  

I can't help, but always come back to the family thread. It permeates every season on one level or another and most definitely connects our boys. The thing I LOVE most about having soulful Sam back is that he loves his brother, he understands family, take them or leave them, flaws and beauty that come with having someone who will be there for you. You realize how important that thought is when you hear the soulless version say:

“Family just slows you down.”

And maybe that's true in a way, I mean, there is something to be said for not having family ties, for being able to not have that vulnerability, after all, look at what Sam and Dean have done for each other in the name of family and being brothers, both selfless and selfish. If they didn't have each other to be each other's Achilles Heel, wouldn't life be easier? Yeh, probably, but it wouldn't be richer or comforting either and there's something about having someone there for you, who would sacrifice everything for you that makes life worth living and makes it worth dying for that person. Dean and Sam have also had their moments of wishing that they didn't have each other and doubting each other's intentions and commitment to each other. In the Supernatural universe, it's all normal under abnormal conditions.

Sometimes, as I re-watch the episodes of seasons past to refresh my memory or to just enjoy those "innocent and carefree" days, I still find myself surprised that it wasn't John Winchester who came from a hunting family legacy, that it was Mary. As we get further and further into season 6 and come back around to mothers of all things, good and evil, I marvel at how important a mother's role is and in the case of the Mother of All, how she will lead a new kind of end-of-world scenario. I wonder if Mary will play some kind of role. I can't believe that Samuel was resurrected just to be a pill to Sam and Dean and to have a mission to get his daughter back and not somehow achieve it...well, this is Supernatural, he could still try and fail, I suppose, and fail miserably most likely.

For me, it's all intriguing and continues to be so. Thanks for reading and for putting up with my being so behind.  

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Thanks for your encouraging comment. I have to admit that I've been waning on my Supernatural blog because of one thing or another in my real life, also, I've been wondering if anyone's been reading my blog, not bothered by it, mind you, just because there are so many already out there and I wonder if I have anything new to say. Your comment is very kind and appreciated. I hope to catch up at some point.

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