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Appointment in Samara: "It’s vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know..."

A Supernatural Blog - Season 6 Episode 11

Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person. - Albert Einstein

As the moon retaineth her nature, though darkness spread itself before her face as a curtain, so the Soul remaineth perfect even in the bosom of the fool. - Akhenaton

Honour is the inner garment of the Soul; the first thing put on by it with the flesh, and the last it layeth down at its separation from it. -Akhenaton

Sorry I am so behind and I'll admit that I haven't had much inspiration of late, but amazingly, after watching Like a Virgin and enjoying it SO MUCH, my mojo is back.

I'm going to make this blog a little shorter than usual just because I'm sure everyone's covered the important points of the episode, but wanted to point out what I LOVED about this episode.

This was my favorite episode up until Like a Virgin. I LOVED that Dean went to see Death to, at first, beg for a way to get Sam's soul back, then bargain with him by being Death for a day. I have to admit that I was tickled that Death would need a break from his job. I can understand it to some degree and even enjoy that a mighty Horsemen would bare any weight of the gravity of his work. I think that in a small way Death respects Dean and Dean's defiance and I think that Death can read Dean's natural fear of him as well so the defiance probably feels that much mote foolish yet respected. Who among us can deny that we all fear Death? He IS the great equalizer of all living things, after all. Nothing living escapes Death, except for Dean and Sam. Hee! Clearly though even THEY can't escape the consequences of having been brought back.

I have to believe it's that respect, reluctant or otherwise, that keeps Death from destroying Dean outright. That, and Death's cryptic message that he wants Dean and Sam to keep digging. Something having to do with souls apparently. Another mystery to unfold no doubt.

“It’s about the souls. You’ll understand when you need to.”

There is contempt there because both Dean and Sam, having been resurrected so many times, have defied Death's definition of order.

“You and your brother keep coming back. You’re an affront to the balance of the universe and you cause disruption on a global scale.”

Dean then learns about the consequences that arise from making choices that seem logical and merciful like saving a young child only to cause another death that was never meant to happen, but causes other ripples in its wake. Still, I think that Death is pleasantly surprised that Dean understands the "lesson learned" at the end of the episode even if Dean confronts him that the bargain was rigged from the get-go, that knew Dean would fail. The DeanGirl in me would like to believe that Dean's failure just emphasizes his humanity more, even if because there is a natural order of things, that humanity is misguided. If a natural order is disrupted by Dean and Sam coming back then the tragic losses that we've seen might be attributed to that. Ellen, Jo, Ash, and all the others. Balance can be a bitch as Dean might say.

It was great to see Robert Englund back. He is funny and perfect as the doctor who "kills" Dean again. Our own little Dr. Kervorkian. LOVED HIS LINE:

“I thought for sure Death had you by the twins.”

Sam's part in this episode was the coldest ever. Jared has been STELLAR at playing a soulless Sam. It's even more dramatic after last week's episode when a re-ensouled Sam acts like the Sam we all know and love and we ache for that wondrous return. When you see the desperation and perhaps understandable survival instinct of soulless Sam, you can't help, but fear this Sam and if Bobby's assessment is true, that there was some aspect of Sam in the soulless version, we realize even more the importance of the soul, of how it mediates both the light and dark sides of ourselves, to maintain that important inner balance within us. Again, Jared displays that excellently!! At times it's subtle, at others, it's terrifying. Jared's sinister curl of a smile when he allowed the vamp to bite Dean? Brrrr. It makes sense then that Sam seeks out Balthazar's advice on how to keep from being re-ensouled.

“Well here’s one for the list of dumbest things ever: Summon the angel who wants to kill you.”

The idea that Sam has to sully his vessel by committing a form of patricide is chill-inducing as well. Is it any wonder Bobby hasn't recovered from his close call.

Gotta love the little humorous touches in the episode like:

Dead Guy: “Can you tell me what it all means?"
Dean: “Everything is dust in the wind."
Dead Guy: “That’s it? A Kansas song?"


“Don’t say ‘Here’s Johnny!’”

“Ain’t nobody killing me in my house but me.”

Still, as always, my favorite moment comes at the end and I loved Death's respect for the soul and imparting Dean with the much needed definition of it. It's not that Dean doesn't understand the importance. His dogged pursuit of retrieving Sam's soul from Hell is testament to that, but Death's definition may play a larger role later as Sam regains his soul:

“The human soul is not a rubber ball. It’s vulnerable, impermanent, but stronger than you know and more valuable than you can image.”

It gives me pause for thought about why Sam's experience was worse than Dean's? Was it because he spent a year in Hell at the hands of Lucifer and Michael versus just a few months and Alistair in Dean's case? Or did being saved by Cas at the command of God versus being lifted from there by Crowley, his soul left behind, make a difference? Or was it the quality of the character of the soul the difference? Lovely speculation, indeed.

In the end, Death agrees to save Sam's soul, giving him the wall he promised Dean that would protect Sam from discovering the ravages his soul has endured:

“Now Sam, I’m going to put up a barrier inside your mind. You might feel a little itchy. Do me a favor: Don’t scratch the wall, because, trust me, you’re not gonna like what happens.”

Still, this is Supernatural. We know that Sam will scratch, that he has already in Like a Virgin. What we don't know is what will be revealed when he does. Will it be as bad as Cas predicts or will brotherly love find a way to absolve and "cure" Sam?

Ah, the lovely musings continues!

Thanks for your patience and for the read. Like a Virgin next!

Forgive any glaring errors. I wrote this all on my iPhone and may have missed some things. Hope to proof it again later.

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I'm sorry it took me a while to get my comment up here. :)

I really loved, "Appointment in Samara," too! The interaction between Dean and Death was great. And I completely agree that Death seems to have an odd kind of respect for Dean. It makes you wonder if perhaps Death has something planned for Dean, too.

“Well here’s one for the list of dumbest things ever: Summon the angel who wants to kill you.”

Lol, I loved that line too! *grins* I wonder if he's still going to expect Sam to "pay him back"? *looks worried*

I completely agree too, that Sam's going to break through the wall at some point... I love the idea that "brotherly love find a way to absolve and 'cure' Sam". That would be awesome! I wonder if there's a way for Dean to take some of Sam's suffering on himself? That would be *so* like Dean.

Fantastic blog as always! :)


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