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Weekend at Bobby's: "BALLS!"
A Supernatural Blog - Season 6 Episode 4

dependable: adjective
trustworthy and reliable.

"I was taught very early that I would have to depend entirely upon myself that my future lay in my own hands." -Darius Ogden Mills

"The expectations of life depend upon diligence the mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his tools." - Confucius
"Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others." - Buddha

"I am more and more convinced that our happiness depends more on how we meet the events in our lives, than on those events themselves." -Alexander Humboldt

LOVED this episode!!! Jensen did a great job of directing and Jim Beaver was star quality throughout. It was the perfect episode for Jensen to tackle. It had a lot of humor and it was a perfect way to showcase "Bobby Appreciation" both from Jensen's perspective as director to a fellow and well-respected thespian as well as from Dean's and Sam's perspective about how much Bobby is there for them and for just about every other hunter on the planet!

There was SO MUCH about this episode that I LOVED. Talk about the fastest hour of TV I have ever sat through. It was just delightful and poignant all in one breath. We fans have appreciated Bobby from day one when Sam and Dean show up on his doorstep in Devil's Trap asking for his help. "Storm's a coming" and we've been on that ride ever since. I liked that this episode was ALL ABOUT Bobby. Even with the small detour into the current mythology of Dean whining to Bobby about how Sam doesn't seem like Sam anymore, this episode was really all about Bobby and how dependable he is. Talk about someone on-call all the time! What would all these hunters do without him? I LOVE that idea and believe it wholeheartedly. My fave line:

"No, Garth, not me the FBI, the REAL FBI. How are you still alive?"

We all know why Garth is still alive. Because of Bobby. I LOVE how Bobby labels his phones by "alias" too. He's like Mission Control!

Jim Beaver plays Bobby not only with the sarcastic humor that is befitting of Bobby's demeanor and which is also an important part of the fabric of the show, but he gives Bobby a depth that makes him more than just a peripheral character, more than just another hunter who bails out Dean and Sam. We all care about Bobby, worry that the writers might sacrifice him like other characters because his loss would be devastating to our boys, wish that he would be the one person who could escape a deal with a crossroads demon and root for him when he tries and succeeds. Jim Beaver also plays Bobby's pride at not easily asking for help effortlessly and believably because Bobby's so used to giving help, maybe even feels that he, of all people, doesn't need any help. Jim Beaver is a stand up guy and it shows in how he embodies Bobby Singer. I LOVED every moment that Jim was on-screen.

Bobby does prove to us how great he is when we learn through him that it's all a matter of finding out who the crossroads demon (or any demon as it turns out) was when he/she was alive and treat their remains like any other spirit. Burn the bones, the deal is off, or in Bobby's case, bargain back his soul with the threat of burning Crowley's remains. Clever indeed and good to note for future reference.

“You demons. You think you’re something special. But you’re just spirits. Twisted, perverted, evil spirits. But, end of the day, you’re nothing but ghosts with an ego.”

As evil as Crowley is, I'm glad that he lived. Mark Sheppard is a WONDER! Versatile, funny, charming. Though I know that we have confirmed that Crowley is just as evil as any demon, King of Hell now apparently, a nice little promotion post-Apocalypse, I still like him. I was hoping that maybe he might have a softer side and be true to his word, but not surprised that he didn't. After all, it's in his nature to be evil, to double cross. I mean, the demon as a man wasn't a stellar work of humanity, hating his son as well so he deserves where and what he is, but still...I like him and am hoping for more appearances. Maybe he can be a reluctant resource or worse, he might be a consistent thorn in our guys' side. Now that he has his remains, he won't be so easily coerced, but then again, the boys and Bobby won't trust him again either. Still...I like him. Hee! Mark Sheppard and his delightful accent has been around all the shows I LOVE such as Warehouse 13, where he played a good guy, albeit a curmudgeonly one as Regent Benedict Valda. Sadly, it looks as though he got killed off on that...but perhaps like all shows of Warehouse 13's ilk, death doesn't mean that a character can't come back. Artie came back. Look at Supernatural? Dean and Sam alone have wracked uptheir fair share of resurrections. He was also on Leverage, once again, playing a bad buy, nemesis James Sterling and in Dollhouse as Tanaka. Of course, Battlestar Galactica fans know him as Romo Lampkin. I remember him back on Firefly as Badger. Waiting for him to show up on Castle so he can reunite with Nathan Fillion. The man is everywhere and I LOVE that! It was a joy to watch him. Always is. Plus I LOVE that accent of his!!

Sidenote: I think it's appropriate somehow that Crowley's real name was Fergus Roderick McCloud. One can imagine the bullying that must have happened in his past. Is it any wonder he changed his name? Or became evil with a name like that to live down?

Okay, back to the subject at hand. The episode was simple, a great diversion from the mythology, a familiar break from the seriousness of it all as Supernatural is known for and I enjoyed it and again, it was the perfect vehicle for Jensen. He just did a flawless job at directing this episode, stamping his unique style along with it. From the moment we're brought back a year ago to learn of Bobby's confrontation with Crowley, unwilling to just leave things be, he calls the demon forth to get back his "loaned" soul only to find out that, not surprisingly to the rest of us, Crowley finds a loophole in the contract that allows him to renege on the deal. Shocker! To the present with Sam and Dean once again calling upon Bobby's expertise and help to watching Bobby, to the strains of the song The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, to do what he does best. Research. We watch him become frustrated at finding the library closed, breaking in, falling, his car stalls, then he gets no gratitude from Dean. A day in the life of our dependable hero hunter. I think I'll be saying "balls" a lot more often as a swear word when I'm around children. Such a harmless word and yet with the right inflection, it says it all.

So, Bobby finally, in his spare time, what little of it he has, gets back to torturing a lady demon who knows Crowley's real name. He's interrupted by next door neighbor Marcie with a ginger peach cobbler. There is nothing CUTER than watching Bobby check his breath and straighten himself up before opening the door. It just makes it all the more heartbreaking when Marcie sees Bobby put a demon through a chipper.

Sidenote: Gotta love Rufus's line about the wood chipper:

“Okey-dokey, wood chipper. That pretty much trumps everything.”

Yeh, he saved Marcie's life, but no one ever remembers that part of the rescue. Gotta say though, it's just a DELIGHT to see Bobby in action. He can so handle himself. Gives us middle-agers hope. It's one of Dean's pet peeves that no one bothers to thank them. Ah, such is the life of a superhero, guys.

Sidenote: It's HILARIOUS that Bobby says horror movies are his "guilty pleasure" to explain the demon's noises down in the basement then Marcie mentions Drag me to Hell (Sam Raimi's horror flick) when Bobby has a one way trip to Hell waiting for him in 10 years -- talk about your inside joke! "Trying to avoid it" Bobby says back. I LOVE IT!

It was great to see Rufus show up. You can tell that despite their "differences" they are friends. I can imagine Bobby's relationship with John Winchester as being that way, strained at times, but Bobby always coming to the rescue and being there for him. Again, the go-to guy for just about everything and everyone. A point he drives home to Sam and Dean later.  Steven Williams is great! I remember him from way back on 21 Jump Street (Rest in Peace Stephen J. Cannell) as Captain Adam Fuller. He's a great occasional visitor on Supernatural. Bobby kind of needs a fellow hunter his own age so that they can relate on levels that he can't with the boys. I think that threading how "weird" things are getting with the monsters not being where they are supposed to be found or acting the way they're supposed to, with Bobby and Rufus, two vets of the hunt, works perfectly because it would be natural for them to notice.

"I ain't asking for no help."

"I'm not asking for your permission."

Totally great exchange. You can tell Rufus cares about Bobby and it's a nice feeling. There's a sarcastic comradeship there and it's comforting. You know that Rufus has Bobby's back and well, Bobby seems to have everyone else's back. Poor Bobby. I LOVE that Rufus volunteers his help and doesn't wait for Bobby to ask for it, knowing that will never come. It's what Dean should have done. This DeanGirl is a bit mad at him.

I LOVE how Bobby thinks on his feet. He's juggling helping Dean and Sam while keeping the FBI, the REAL FBI, at bay at his door by telling him he's talking to his mother. TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!! Gives whole new meaning to the word multi-tasking. Frankly, I think Sheriff Jody Mills is a better match for Bobby, if for no other reason than she knows about what Bobby deals with having lost her son and husband to supernatural forces. Plus, she put herself into harms way helping him to get Rufus out of jail. A woman in law enforcement is a good ally to have around. I like that Bobby had not hesitation asking her for help to get Rufus extradited.

Okay, the BEST moment is Bobby tearing both Dean and Sam a new one. One that's deserved in my view. I'm a DeanGirl, but I was mad as heck at Dean for saying such a hurtful thing to Bobby. He's been there for both boys at every turn, even got paralyzed fighting off the demon possessing him so he wouldn't kill Dean. How could Dean diss Bobby like that knowing that? Calling Bobby selfish? COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR! So Bobby's anger was completely justified and it broke my heart that Bobby had to even remind them, but in the scheme of the episode, it was something that had to be said.

"Sam. Dean. I love you like my own. I do, but sometimes...sometimes, you two are the whiniest, most self-absorbed sons of bitches I've ever met. I'm selfish? Me? I do everything for you. EVERYTHING! You need some lore scrounged up, you need your asses pulled out of the fire, you need someone to bitch to about each other, you call me and I come through EVERY DAMN TIME and what do I get for it? Jack with a side of squat!"

"Bobby -"

"Do I sound like I'm done? Now, look, I know you got issues...God knows, I know, but I got a news flash for you, you ain't the center of the universe. Now it may have slipped your mind that Crowley owns my soul and the meter is running and I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit around and..and be DAMNED. So how about you two sack up and help me for once?"

"Bobby, all you gotta do is ask."

"Anything you need, we're there."

FANTASTIC MOMENT! It's about time Bobby told them off. Interesting thing though is that Dean whining about Sam was what started Bobby's lecture so Dean deserved the cussing out more than Sam, but it was Sam who offered the help and without the guilt that was written all over Dean's face because he didn't know that Dean had called about him. For Sam, it was almost like, "well, you hadn't asked but now we know. What do you want us to do" and it made sense from his point of view to think that. One thing I will say about Sam's change, he's a lot calmer, less inclined to overreact as he used to, but there is a flip side to that calmness that doesn't speak serenity to me either, it's more robotic than zen.

So, even as a unrepentant DeanGirl, I don't defend Dean's behavior at all. He was the one being selfish and deserved being told off. Dean should know better, even though he saved Bobby in Dream a little Dream, it doesn't give him the right to take advantage of Bobby, to take him for granted and I will go out on a limb to say that between him and Sam, Dean has taken Bobby for granted way more in many more ways. We could assume that Dean feels a more fatherly connection to Bobby than Sam does, at least it seems that way outwardly, but that's still no excuse to treat Bobby as if he were a convenience. Good for Bobby for setting the boys straight. In between the anger, I have to admit that I giggled here and there because Bobby's inflection of sarcasm in the midst of the hurt was funny. 

Once again, the ending was telling. Dean was going to exact a little payback on Crowley and torch his bones anyway, but Sam stopped him, told him that though Crowley is evil, a deal is a deal. Now, I respected that. Even in the demon world, we've learned that there are certain rules that they have to abide by and a deal's a deal is one of them. Crowley did what Bobby wanted so it's expected that Sam and Dean keep their end of the bargain, still, there was something about Sam doing that that felt more "reading between the lines" than maybe was really there, but I felt it nevertheless. Sam seems to be controlling Dean's impulses in a way. He stopped Dean from intervening in Aaron's torture which seemed practical, but wrong and now, here, Sam stops Dean from torching Crowley under the guise of  "a deal is a deal". Even with Crowley's protestations about not needing Sam to fight his battles for him, there's this sense that Crowley is grateful to be spared and may remember that as a favor to Sam in the future.  I can't tell if Sam's principles have changed in that he's condoning torture and sparing demons because he's changed or if he has some kind of intell that makes doing what he's doing necessary. At this point, it's very hard to tell where Sam is coming from and I have to admit, it's intriguing. The build up of knowing what happened to Sam in Hell and the eventual episode, You can't Handle the Truth where Dean apparently reveals a truth about his time in Hell will be heartbreaking no doubt. Time to prepare ourselves for those revelations. I'm not so sure I'll be able to handle the truth, but I'll have the kleenex ready. I'm just hoping (back to unrepentant DeanGirl mode here) that we don't learn that Dean did something reprehensible beyond torturing souls and liking it in Hell. I don't think I could handle Dean getting diminished in our eyes, but especially in Sam's. Ditto for finding out what happened to Sam. I know our boys are flawed and those flaws make them the men we love, but I need to rationalize that they are above something completely unforgivable in our fan eyes.

Sidenote:  I loved that Dean endured a transcontinental flight for Bobby. It's the least he could do after his behavior, but it's also a big sacrifice for Dean. He man-upped and redeemed himself, for now. Four puke bags worth. HA! Then there's Dean being quippish Dean again:

“You hear that, Crowley? That’s me flicking my bic for you.”

A great Bobby episode and a STELLAR directorial debut for Jensen!!  He outdid himself and brought out the best in his actors as all good directors do. Time to "roll credits on this chick flick" (Hahaha, Bobby you are such a trip!!) and move on to tomorrow's Live Free Twi-Hard. I have to admit that there's a part of me that hopes to enjoy a little Dean suffering as he transforms into a vampire. What little I know of vamp lore from Buffy and other sources, the only way to defeat becoming a vamp is to kill the original, alpha vamp like in the case of the shape shifter. You know Dean will make it, but how is the question and again, I plan to enjoy the suffering until the ultimate solution is found.

Thanks for reading. As always, comments welcome. Sorry this is late and if I missed anything vital as well as any grammatical slips of the keyboard. Mania week. They all seem to be turning out that way. Sigh!  Oh, next week, I'll be having arthroscopic knee surgery next Thursday and likely recuperating on Friday so I might be later than usual on  my blog depending on my recovery. Hope you'll still give it a read after the delay.

Enjoy tomorrow's episode.

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Hi *waves* first time commentor here. just wanted to say, that I've enjoyed your reviews, especially this one, but feel I have to defend Dean just a little bit. I think that Dean is still a bit pissed off at Bobby because of the whole not telling him for a year about Sam being back. I know Bobby did it for what he felt were the best of reasons, but that hurt Dean, deeply I think. Though the whole Bobby POV, did help us understand his view point better and maybe why he allowed Sam to do what he did.

I loved the Scottish aspect of the episode as I live in Scotland, though I have to tell you that Crowley's Scottish names are not at all uncommon around here.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's epi, though being in Scotland have to wait for the Saturday downloads and bless all those kind folks who provide us with links!

Welcome and thanks for your comment as well for the compliment about my reviews! It's very much appreciated. I'm glad you enjoy them. I do blather a bit so it's that much more appreciated, hee! I was tickled by your defense of Dean and it's a great point, one I completely missed so I was glad that you mentioned it. True, at this point, Dean does feel a bit betrayed by Bobby despite Bobby's good intentions towards Dean so his reaction can be justified because of that. I admit to feeling a bit of protectiveness towards Bobby because he's been so good and more importantly, so present for them that Dean should have put his own personal feelings aside to understand Bobby, maybe even forgive him more easily than maybe Sam. Hee! My own set of blinders, I'm afraid, unrepentant DeanGirl or not. I SO LOVED the Scottish twist and believe that the names are common ones. Nice that they stayed true to that authenticity. Thanks again for commenting and I hope that you'll continue to "stop by".

We all know why Garth is still alive. Because of Bobby. I LOVE how Bobby labels his phones by "alias" too. He's like Mission Control!

LOL! SO true! That was my favorite line too. :D

I think it's appropriate somehow that Crowley's real name was Fergus Roderick McCloud. One can imagine the bullying that must have happened in his past. Is it any wonder he changed his name? Or became evil with a name like that to live down?

*grins* Yep, totally, lol.

“Okey-dokey, wood chipper. That pretty much trumps everything.”

Lol! I loved that too. And, I like him. He says okey-dokey. :D

I was mad as heck at Dean for saying such a hurtful thing to Bobby. He's been there for both boys at every turn, even got paralyzed fighting off the demon possessing him so he wouldn't kill Dean. How could Dean diss Bobby like that knowing that? Calling Bobby selfish? COMPLETELY UNCALLED FOR!

I wasn’t actually mad at Dean for that. He’s worried about Sam, and Lisa and Ben on top of it, and he probably just wasn’t thinking about what he was saying. In any case, I’m actually still kind of mad at Bobby for not telling Dean that Sam was alive. (Even if he had good intentions. *humph* )

I completely agree about Jensen’s directing though. He was awesome! :D

Fabulous blog as always!


Great review. Really honestly great review. You can be a Deangirl and still call a spade a spade. I am a Sam and Dean girl and i still think they're both idiots when it comes to dealing with each other and a lot of things. And the chew out was one of the more memorable moments of the episode. I thought Bobby hit the nail on the head. lol They are both self-absorbed with each other. It's a flaw of theirs but its not really a bad thing. Heck, that's the way we've liked them and still do. I just loved knowing that even Bobby saw them that way too. And yes, Dean is the one who who i recall in any season calling Bobby to whine about Sam. But i think the chew out should rest on both their shoulders because they are a unit. And i too fell in love with Bobby the first time we saw him.
And Jensen did such an awesome job with such a great script. You can tell the episode was directed by someone who understood the show a and loved it. Everything was on the nail. The tone, the characters, the acting, the pacing, right cuts and editing and great angles. I hope he gets to direct more eps in the near future. *crosses fingers*
I really loved Sam & Dean in that small euro car squished together. It must have been funny to shoot.

And in Dean's defense a little bit, i do think his reasoning for going off on Bobby was explained in that one line he stated,"More important than Sam?" This is Dean we're talking about. Nothing is more important than Sam to him and for some reason, he thinks everybody should know and see this too. lol It made me go awwwww and the next second roll my eyes. Silly boys. I really hope for more episodes as well written and shot like this in the future. So far, every episode after the next has gotten better and better. Hopefully next week keeps the rhythm.

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