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Unabashed Spoiler Hound & Fanfic writer

Reveling in the fickle nature of fangirlishness

Not Made of Stone Part 2/2

Spoilers for The Stewmaker, Anslo Garrick, Madeline Pratt and The Judge, but before Mako Tanida.

I wrote this before what happened to Audrey in Mako Tanida.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of The Blacklist.

Summary: Donald Ressler and Liz Keen find each other in the midst of deception and truths and discover what's really important. Each other.

Thanks for all of the great reviews! I was debating about continuing the story since I could fall into “fluffiness” so easily, but when I got such great feedback, I decided to finish it off properly with another chapter. Beware of fluffiness ahead. Thanks for the inspiration.

Not Made of Stone Part 2/2Collapse )