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Two and a Half Men - "How do you do that & not turn into Dad?"
A Supernatural Blog - Season 6 Episode 2

True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, & the world around us. -Socrates

The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity & grace, making the best of circumstances. -Aris

Ah, what a lovely, transitional episode.  I say that because not only does it accomplish the monster-of-the-week feel that we all remember and LOVED about Season 1, but it also allowed Dean to return to hunting and find his place in the world, thanks to Lisa. A world that will defy the odds, but that gives you this sense of hope in a very odd way, I have to admit. 

First, I gotta say I'm loving Lisa more and more every episode (all 2 of them so far). I have to admit that I fear for her and Ben's safety over the long haul just because there's this inevitable sense of doom that hovers over anyone that Dean and Sam love just because they are hunters and seem to be targeted by every evil thing out there (hee). As Dean said last week, he made them vulnerable the moment he knocked on their door. Still, I LOVE that the show is bucking tradition and not going the predictable route of either/or. So many shows put characters in this "either/or" situation where any decision a person makes is going to make someone miserable. The typical "choose me or leave" scenario that many female characters put their male partners into is SO anti-climatic and frankly, as a woman, a little insulting. It fills me with dread when that situation comes into play and I was worried that was happening in this episode, but happily, that wasn't the case. The build up was painful and I braced myself for the let down just as Dean was, but yay, Lisa said, she understood that Dean was "white knuckling" living the normal life:

"You don't want to be here, Dean."

"Yes, I do."

"Okay, okay, but you also want to be there. I get it. You're white knuckling it, living like this. Like what you  are is some bad, awful thing, but you're not, but I'm not gonna have this discussion every time you leave. This is...this is just gonna keep happening so I need you to go."

"I can't just lose you and Ben."

"It's not what I'm saying."

"You're saying hit the road."

"Dean, if there's some rule that says that this all has to be either or, how about we break it? Me and Ben will be here and you come when you can just...just come in one piece, okay?"

"You really  think we can pull something like that off?"

"It's worth a shot, right?

I've never seen a happier Dean in a really long time. Not dancing in the streets happy, but there is a sense of contentment, however fleeting, that you can see on his face as "Smoke on the Water" (how lovely that this song plays after Dean hums it as a calming lullaby to the  shifter baby earlier -- I so can see this as a "theme song" for Dean this season) plays on in the background and as he unfurls the tarp off of the Impala.  Funny, I have to admit that moment made me smile so wide, my face hurt. When the camera zoomed in on Dean and panned around to the Impala, there was this "superhero" image that flashed into my mind. When the camera showcased the Impala like it was this sexy, black beast that had been "caged" too long, I just grinned. Then, of course, when the camera landed on Dean's face, a satisfied smile touching his face, I was SO happy for him!!!!  This moment at the end of the episode was SO meaningful in so many ways. Again, however fleeting it was, this was Dean having it all. I LOVED that he told Lisa that he didn't want to lose her and Ben and that he wanted to stay. This was a refreshing change in Dean because in the past, he would have just left, convincing himself that it was the best thing for them if he were out of their lives. No, this time, he expressed that he wants that life with them and you believe it. He actually fights for having that life with them even though he didn't know how to juggle it with his other life, his hunting life. Lisa's acceptance was just the permission he needed to be able to have a family as well as be who he was, a hunter, not a construction worker. It gives a whole new meaning to "free to be you and me".  I think it's the kind of compromise that is worthy of both Lisa and Dean. I mean, clearly, she loves him enough to let him be who he is and he loves her enough to tell her that he doesn't want to walk away from their lives together.  I just can't say enough how much I LOVED that moment. I  also loved that Dean realized, with the help of Sam (more on that in a minute) that he was becoming like John, keeping Lisa and Ben "safe" in a bubble of protection that was more imprisonment than protection. Dean admits that he never wanted that for  them, that he had never wanted to inflict the same kind of control over them as John had over him and Sam. It's really a beautiful admission.

Okay, the rest of the episode. I have to admit that it flew by quickly. In one way, that was good, the pacing was fast and so involving that I lost track of time and then boom, it was over. In another way, the "boom it was over" where the shifter plot was concerned was unsatisfying and felt hurried like they were trying to rush Dean's return to hunting at the expense of plot. I mean, yes, like the djinns in Exile on Main Steet, the shapeshifters are unlike the ones they've faced in the past, a new mythology about how they can have children and that there is an "alpha" shapeshifter that started the rest was introduced that gave them a twist and yeh, you could probably rationalize that part of the plot was like a "cliffhanger" of sorts. Hints to Season 6 have revealed that all typical notions about monsters and demons will be "enhanced" or evolved in ways that will make killing them a lot harder as Samuel pointed out with the shifter. Presumably because of the Apocalypse or the prevention thereof, but it still felt abrupt and almost like it was an afterthought or forgotten all together at the end. It just didn't feel right. That was my only complaint about the episode from a expository point of view.

Mitch Pileggi continues to delight. He has so much presence and he plays Samuel with just the right ambiguity that you just can't tell if he's on the level or not. You want to believe in him like Sam does, but you also want to doubt him like Dean does. I tend towards the healthy skepticism of Dean myself. Still, in a very convincing way he brings another fatherly feel or more accurately, a grandfatherly feel to the "famly" dynamic. He plays it in a way that makes you totally believe that he taught Mary how to be a hunter. I have to admit that I'm still reeling a bit that Mary was the hunter in the family. I mean, for several seasons before that revelation, we were so convinced of John's immersion into hunting that it would have been easier to have found out that the Winchester family lineage were hunters from the  Mayflower. It's not so much that Mary was a woman, but that she was played so innocently throughout those years. Maybe that should have raised a red flag in the first place. Hee!

Okay, the rest of the Campbell clan (apology for getting Greta's name wrong in my last blog -- missed it in my proofing -- told you I was  in a rush), I'm still not sold on them. Poor Mark! Though he and Greta were the ones I was most suspicious about, I thought he might have some potential, you know, come around eventually.  Guess David Paetkau had to go back to Flashpoint.  I really disliked Christian for cruelly attacking Dean about his time in Hell.

"Sorry. I heard about what you majored in. Down in the pit."

That was SO WAY out of line that I was fuming. My only problem was why Sam didn't come to Dean's defense and also, who told Christian about Dean's time in Hell in the first place? Did Sam? If so, how could Sam entrust such a thing to someone he's only known for a year? Family or not. I didn't like the implication that Christian made about Dean wanting to torture the baby based on his time in Hell. If anything, Dean's shown that having had that experience in Hell, he understands better than anyone the futility and senselessness of torture. I'll admit that the scene was a bit confusing in that Dean, earlier, seems to be sympathetic about the baby and its fate and yet when Samuel suggests they raise him, Dean hackles at the idea. Granted, Dean's always had an aversion about raising any child in the hunting life, again, basing it on his and Sam's own experiences, his outburst to Ben was evidence of how hard he's trying to keep him out of the life, maybe trying too hard as pointed out to him by Sam, yet what other choices do they have for that baby? Maybe Christian's innuendo was his interpretation of Dean's reaction to raising the baby as a hunter, thinking that Dean would rather do something more sinister. Still, it was a cruel thing to say.

All right, the best part of this episode was seeing domestic Dean and Sam marveling at it. It was almost...well, normal. There was a sweetness about it that felt warm and familiar in the best of ways, at least to me.

Sidenote: Before I forget it, I LOVED that Dean said the baby's name was Bobby and Sam said it was John. That  was very interesting and this fertile imagination went to places so not there, but wished they were, that Dean viewed Bobby as a father figure and deserving of a son named after him so his name was his first thought and Sam's mind went straight to John in ways that  might point to a bit of regret at his relationship  with his father. I know, I know. Again, thought it was interesting and enjoyed the crossed wires. It was too cute! Too bad the little old lady was a shifter. I have to admit I cringed a bit when Dean was going to kill the old lady in front of everyone in the store. Those boys have to be careful. Drawing attention to themselves that way can only make things worse for them. Lastly, the boys buying baby products! TOO HILARIOUS and yet somehow, oddly normal.

Okay, back to the domestic scene. I LOVED Sam in this scene alot. I loved the smile on Sam's face then the amazement at seeing his brother so good with the baby, it was SO priceless.

Sidenote: Jensen was just a natural at handling the baby. I know he's had experience with being an uncle, but the poise and gentility he showed was just achingly sweet. I don't know about anyone else, but as a woman who's well past her child bearing years, I found myself longing for a baby. It was that convincing on so many levels.



"You're just actually not awful at that."

"Dude, I'm barely keeping that thing alive."

"No, no, no, no, seriously, you got a whole Dr. Huxtable vibe coming off of you. You're like father material."

"Yeh, well, kinda had to be lately, you know. Sink or swim, right?"

Then comes the serious moment as they compare childhoods:

"You mean Ben?"

"Yeh, I mean Ben. I mean, I know he's not my kid, but I don't know it's starting to feel like yeh, he is. Then I think about the way  we grew up. I don know. I kinda feel like I have a chance to do something different with Ben, you know? "

"You sure about that?"

"What do you mean?"

"Look, you clearly care about the kid..."


"But moving them around, keeping them on lockdown. I mean, you do have them on lockdown, right? How is any of that different from how we were raised?"

"So, you're saying...I'm not shoving anybody into this life, okay? This is temporary."

"Dad always said it was temporary, Dean. Said  it for 22 years. Look, I get it, you wanna watch out for them, that's great, I'm just asking, how do you do that and not turn into Dad?

This was a great exchange. Some might argue that Sam's not being very supportive, but I don't see it that way. In a way, for me,  this was the first moment where I saw the wise Sam of the past back, the reasonable voice. Even if it's not what Dean wants to hear, it's been awhile since Sam has been able to be openly honest with Dean without worrying about  Dean overreacting. Sam was giving the reality check that, frankly, Dean needed. Dean was working on an assumption that he was basically doing the right thing, not seeing that he was repeating their father's same mistakes. It wasn't said harshly or cruelly, but almost more matter of factly. I give Dean kudos for taking the advice without getting mad or defensive. As for the teasing, I was happy to see it. I didn't see it as Sam making fun of Dean to be mean, but how they usually talk to each other, in teasing jibes that deep down have meaning and warm feelings behind it. For me, this moment was the first "normal" Sam and Dean moment. Granted, they are far from being back to normal, but short of seeing the "jerk/bitch", it felt comforting, it only for that one brief moment.

Sidenote: Have to say that there is something SO UTTERLY wrong about Sam driving and Dean in the passenger seat! Hee! But then again if the season is flipping around what we know about demons and monsters then I guess Sam and Dean can't be immune, but it just feels SO WEIRD!

And here's more proof of the changes between Sam and Dean, though, it's not too big a leap:

"I've never seen a baby monster before."
"Course it's not really a monster. I mean it's still just a baby. It's not it's fault, it's daddy is a shifter."

I LOVE this because it shows Dean's compassion towards someone that didn't choose to be what it is and wanting to wish it something better, but not knowing how to accomplish it, This scene made the moment between Christian and Dean so confusing for me. Sounds like here Dean wants a decent solution for the baby and yet Christian accuses Dean of wanting to do something evil like killing the baby over having it being raised by hunters and for a moment I wondered what Dean wanted as well. Maybe I missed something or maybe it was meant to be confusing to set the Campbells apart from Dean. In my opinion, not that hard to do.

Season 2 Sam was that voice of reason when Dean just wanted to kill vampires assuming they are all evil. Now, it's Dean who is campaigning for the life of an innocent. Coincidentally, a life that connects to his own in a way. He's now a surrogate father and can probably relate to the baby on a fatherly level. In another way, Sam reflects the Sam of Jus in Bello when he suggests bringing the child to the Campbells who Sam considers family and who Dean still doesn't trust. I love that Sam compares Samuel to Dean:

"Not every hunter is a head case. I mean Samuel is actually a lot like you."

"I'm a freakin' head case."

And yet, I get what Sam was trying to say as backhanded as it was and as much as it backfired. I'm not so sure Dean should take the comment as a complete compliment just because we don't know who or what Samuel is yet, but if Sam sees a similarity without meaning to be insulting, I think that Dean should take it on Sam's impression of Samuel.  There's a lot to doubt about the Campbells and though Sam's alliance to them seems misguided for now, I'm willing to suspend judgment unless it's proven that in some way Sam's judgment has been compromised, which it could very well have been. We're only in episode 2, hard to tell which way it is. Sam could be compromised in general as well. It's easy to forget in calmer moments that Sam was pulled out of Hell a year  ago under circumstances we have yet to learn. As was Samuel.

Samuel suggests raising the child as a hunter, an idea that completely rubs Dean against the grain even though he understands there are very few options for the child of a shapeshifter. I love  Dean's ability to still see that one life is worth something more than just being sacrificed to an untenable fate. Like Sam's ease at sacrificing the one for the many in Jus in Bello, Dean's ability to see the one as worth saving is just as simple. Still, it's hard to argue that short of killing the baby which I'm happy to see that no one wants to do, there is really only one real choice. Thankfully, in a way, I'm glad that the shapeshifter took that decision out of their hands when it takes back the baby out of Dean's arms. Still, you wonder if the Sam who was willing to let Nancy be sacrificed is the Sam here just because you can't help but wonder, as Dean does, if Sam did use the baby as bait. Jared has played Sam's ambiguity excellently as well. I really am not sure if I should trust him or not. There's this shadow about him that makes you question what's going on with him. Jared has done a great job at also revealing that sweet side of Sam. He'll never be Sammy, at least not like we know him now, but every once in awhile you see a glimmer of that Sam and you enjoy the time spent with that Sam. I've really enjoyed Sam's maturity and confidence. He doesn't accept the Impala from Dean, he has a car of his own that he's made his own as opposed to when Dean went to Hell and Sam just customized the Impala to his liking with an iPod jack. Sam is independent, his own man. I think that's all good as long as it's not from some influence other than Sam's. Not likely, but this is Supernatural, anything is possible.

The biggest mystery of this episode is who is Samuel talking to on the phone? He's reporting to whomever that they failed in catching the shapeshifter, but that when they do, he'll bring it to that person "gift wrapped". Who would want a shapeshifter? Still, I didn't take the conversation to be completely ominous since Samuel's reaction was disdainful as if he was doing something he didn't want to do, that he was being forced  to do it. I mean, last week, he took one of the djinn too. Almost like a hunter would with trophies only he's collecting them for someone else. Strange indeed. It can't bode well, but you gotta have a mystery. The possibilities, once again, are endless because does this "collecting" continue and if so, is there a benevolent or malevolent reason behind it? Could whoever it is be trying to build an army of some kind? Or could it be that someone has already realized that these demons and monsters are different, evolved and that they are collecting to experiment on them? To find a way to kill them where conventional and tried and true methods don't seem to be working.  Interesting fodder to contemplate. Like I said, it's only 2 episodes in and I'm already wildly speculating randomly.

Still loving where this is all going and can't wait for The Third Man this week where we see the return of Cas. Can't wait to find out what havoc  he will add to the mix.

Thanks for reading.

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Good review, and I agree with you about most of it.

I think you misread the scene with Christian, though.

Dean's standing there holding the baby, looking like he wants to be anywhere else. He's testy with Mark and Gwen, and when Samuel asks to hold the baby, Dean declines.

Samuel asks what Dean thinks he's gonna do and Dean says You really don't want to know.

I mean, I know everyone (fans) is/are suspicious of the Campbells and Grandpa, so am I, but Dean's pretty much being a dick, unprovoked. He says they're hunters like its an insult, or an accusation.

When Christian says Dean's mind goes right to torture, and not to assume that for everyone, he's reacting to the hostility and suspicion that is coming off Dean in waves.

He's not saying Dean would have tortured the baby, he's calling Dean on making the assumption that they would have done so. As in, just because you majored in torture in hell, don't assume our minds work that way too.

It was a cut, but it was also a reaction to the attitude Dean had been laying down from the moment they got there. Christian didn't like the 'tude, and the way Dean was treating them all like they were untrustworthy lowlifes.

The problem is, the only experiences Dean has of a hunter as a parent are from John. From the rest of the scene we find out that Christian has a wife! And he seems to be making it work, even up to try to have kids of his own.

Samuel is definitely doing something he's not telling Dean, and I don't think Sam is fully in the loop, but whatever it is, I'm starting to get the impression that Samuel himself isn't evil. Nor are the Campbells. They're scary by comparison to "normal" people, but they were raised in a hunter culture. Even moreso than Sam & Dean, who John kept isolated from other hunters.

John taught them more than hunting. He taught them to be suspicious of everyone. It seems like John's legacy continues to affect Dean, even with all the growing both brothers have done.

Again, I understand a lot of where Dean's suspicions come from, and I do get that the Campbells are scary, and Samuel is hiding something, working for someone who has an agenda, and all that is dangerous especially from the experiences Sam & Dean have had, being manipulated by both angels and demons. But I also think this episode shows the Campbells as human, and not really anything approaching either the angels or demons.

I've been kind of taken aback that fan reaction to Mark's death seems to be Good! They all need to die sooner rather than later!

That's cold. And I have a feeling in the end it won't be justified.

Whatever Grandpa's agenda, whoever he's working for, to whatever purpose, the Campbells welcomed Sam and gave him support. It's too bad that this is almost a mark against them instead of in their favor with the fandom.

And, sorry for going on a bit longer than I originally intended.

Great thoughts and perspective

Thanks for your comment! It's welcome and appreciated. No need to apologize at all! I love reading comments and other perspectives because I admit to my own biases and don't necessarily see the whole picture because of those biases. I welcome a different perspective. Thanks also for your take on Dean and the Campbells. It's a perspective I wasn't seeing or getting confused by and you're right, Dean seems to be PARTICULARLY suspicious of all the Campbells and likely it's misguided, but ah, time will tell. I actually hated that Mark died. He was interesting because he was so quiet and he died heroically too. I'm suspicious, but willing to see what happens.

I enjoyed reading your take on it. Thanks again!

I agreed with most of your comments about the episode. I don't think that Christian was hinting that Dean would do something harmful to the baby. He was just taking a swipe at Dean, in reaction I think, to Dean's obvious revulsion at having Christian raise a baby. Personally, I think Christian and Gwen come off mega-creepy and Dean's negative response to giving the baby to Christian to raise was understandable on two levels -- 1) Christian's creepiness and 2) Dean's revulsion at having any child raised as a hunter [see his kneejerk reaction to Ben handling a gun].

Dean's supernatural spidey senses are working overtime regarding the Campbells and also, I think, regarding Sam. While his remark to Sam, suspecting him of using the baby as bait to bring in the shapeshifter father was probably off-base, it reflects a general distrust that Dean is feeling about Sam. Very legitimate suspicion. Why would Sam, formerly Dean's loving brother, tell anyone, let alone a recently met hunter, what Dean had told him (Sam) about an incredibly painful, terrifying and guilt-making experience? Pre-Season 6 Sam knows how painful it was for Dean to tell him about it. So then Sam tells this relative stranger? Off, very off.

Thanks for your comments!!

Thanks for your comment! It's welcome and appreciated. I love reading comments and other perspectives because I admit to my own biases and don't necessarily see the whole picture because of those biases. I welcome a different perspective. Thanks also for your take on Dean and the Campbells.

I'm glad that you saw Dean's kneejerk reaction to raising any child, even a shifter baby, into hunting. I see that as understandable as well. Perhaps it's prejudicial of him to think that way, but I think he's qualified to make that call because he knows what life is like growing up that way. I can see why he would want to spare any kid that experience. I guess Dean could also be a prime example of how someone can overcome being raised that way. Dean sees himself as a terrible example to Ben, but Lisa doesn't and that's saying something. Ben is her son and if she saw a problem with Dean raising her son, she'd say so.

I SO agree with you about Sam maybe telling Christian about Dean's time in Hell. Of course, we're making an assumption, but it seems logical. Christian could have learned it another way, I suppose, but the detail of Dean torturing others in Hell could only come from someone who knows Dean's experience there OR scarier yet, that maybe Christian knows first hand himself or got his intell from someone who knows about Dean's time there. I LOVE speculation!

Thanks again for commenting!

very wel written. I think Dean is written as intentionally suspicious, but the question is: should he be?

So many questions??? And Grandpa and the mystery call.

I just love the mystery this season. And I agree it was good that the shifter came to get the baby, even if the shifter is evil (and the funny thing is..we don't know that for sure) the baby is with family! Maybe the shifters from prior seasons are rogues of the group and King Shifter is not evil, cuz you can argue killing Mark was self-defense of a sort.

It's good to see a review from you. You're like the only Deangirl i actually love reading their thoughts because you don't have him as this second coming of the Christ and Sam as the devil himself. You seem to see them just as clearly as i do without the favoritism. And well written review. Like everyone else said, the torture comment was not referring to Dean but at what he thinks Dean is thinking they would do to the kid.
I think Sam not taking sides except for that moment where he told that other person to back-off was him trying to keep the peace between them. Sam doesn't seem to have any particular feelings of love towards the Campbell's.

I understand that we're to doubt the Campbells because they're keeping secrets from the brothers. Sam doesn't know what they do with the monsters and neither does Dean. So i too thought his unfounded disdain at them was uncalled for. He isn't privy to what we know. And that whole conversation about the baby was so odd and stupid. Like what was Dean planning to do with the baby? Raise it himself if not give it to the Campbells. They already covered that they couldn't give it to humans and didn't want to kill it so what better idea was there? He agreed to go to Samuel with Sam and give him the baby yet when they get there, he accuses them of being bad people. And like someone else said, the hunter comment was odd considering that Dean and Sam are hunters and that doesn't make them bad people. I think Dean was just projecting what he thought about himself onto Christian.

Other than that out of characterness, i agree with everything you said. I loved Dean being parental. He has the instincts but not the experience. And it was sweet to watch Sam realize the same thing. He would so totally make a great father. And if Sam needs help when he decides to be one, Dean would be there to offer the help. Imagine how cute that would be? I am loving Lisa too. Although, i think that Dean is holding onto them a little too tight that belies that he doesn't really feel that strongly about them. I think his feelings of obligation towards them is stronger than his feelings of love towards them. And most of that love is directed at Ben himself and not really Lisa. I hope they touch upon that issue. Even Lisa could see that he really wanted to be out there but Dean keeps convincing himself he would be happy just being there with them. And i loved that scene between Sam & Dean where words of wisdom was offered for the same reason you did. I was cheering to Sera for giving us a brotherly moment that was so much of the old. I thought Mr. cold Sam was being very caring towards Dean telling him all of that. And i loved Dean's response. I miss this kinds of personal talks about themselves without any supernatural influence. And based on how the scene played out, i didn't see how that could have possibly been a bait plan so i don't understand how Dean could have jumped so quickly to the conclusion he did. Another thing that didn't make sense. I feel like the writers are artificially constructing this Dean is doubting Sam thing very badly. It doesn't feel natural. Especially when they've done the same thing in the past a la Something Wicked where a kid was used to draw a creature that could very well kill it. I hate when the writers turn things around like that. Does that mean Sam & Dean were dicks back then for using Micheal as bait? I am confused and will pretend like that conversation never happened.

Anyways, i am really glad to see your review. One of the best.

First, I gotta say I'm loving Lisa more and more every episode (all 2 of them so far). I have to admit that I fear for her and Ben's safety over the long haul just because there's this inevitable sense of doom that hovers over anyone that Dean and Sam love just because they are hunters and seem to be targeted by every evil thing out there (hee).

I’m liking Lisa more and more too! She really, truly seems to understand Dean, which is so refreshing! I’m worried about her and Ben too though. I can’t help thinking it won’t last. Something will happen.

That was SO WAY out of line that I was fuming. My only problem was why Sam didn't come to Dean's defense and also, who told Christian about Dean's time in Hell in the first place? Did Sam? If so, how could Sam entrust such a thing to someone he's only known for a year?

I was fuming about that too! What bothers me is, who else would have told Christian besides Sam? All signs seem to point to him. And worse yet, it’s not really something that comes up in casual conversation: “What’s Dean like?” “Oh, you know, he tortured people horribly for years when he was in the pit and he was very good at it.” It seems like something you’d need a reason to talk about…my question is, what reason could Sam have? Does he know about what’s going on with the Campbells, whatever that might be?

I'll admit that the scene was a bit confusing in that Dean, earlier, seems to be sympathetic about the baby and its fate and yet when Samuel suggests they raise him, Dean hackles at the idea.

I think what bothered Dean was the idea of raising it as a hunter…just like he was so adamant about Ben never firing a gun. He feels like he can’t change who he is…he’s a hunter through and through, and that won’t change. But, he wants others to have the chance to have a normal life, free of that burden. Raising a shifter as a hunter would trap it in that life for good. And, I think a big part of Dean’s objection was also that he doesn’t trust the Campbells…especially Christian, who just mocked him about the time *he* spent in the pit, and then Samuel hands the baby to *that guy* with a “Congratulations, it’s a boy. Sometimes.” I don’t blame Dean for being harsh.

Great blog as always! :D


Hey! So I'm running really late getting here to comment, but I wanted to put my thoughts out there anyway. :)

I agree with most of your post, especially the part about Lisa. That woman is totally awesome and the perfect match for Dean, in my humble opinion. And the end scene where Dean uncovers the Impala is was fantastic. =D

In regards to the Campbells and Sam, well, I don't trust them at this point. Sam did have that fantastic moment in the motel room after Dean puts Bobby John down (and I was a total puddle of goo after seeing that! Dean handled the baby with a natural ease and it was just fantastic to see! *happy squeal*) where he brings up how Dean was reacting as John had. That was one shining moment for Sam and gave me some hope. But the rest of the time...if Sam's trying to be 'neutral' between the Campbells and Dean, he needs to work a little harder.

I do have one quibble with that scene though and I'm curious what you think. Sam said John had Sam and Dean in lock-down for twenty-two years. Really? And he said it was temporary? At no point in Season 1 do I recall it being mentioned the brothers were kept in some sort of lock-down, or in any of the subsequent seasons either. I suppose with how John reacted to Sam leaving for Stanford that could be implied, but I dunno. I never got the feeling they were in 'lockdown'. Sam obviously got to play soccer as a kid and do some things that normal kids did (Season 3 discovery of the storage locker)and both boys went to school without much trouble. John left them alone a lot, especially the older Dean became and they weren't to be out roaming around. Understandable considering the boys were minors and shouldn't have been left alone for days at a time anyway. But was that really a lock-down? Dean obviously left to get food and space(A Supernatural Christmas). And twenty-two years? Sam left minimum when he was twenty (possible nineteen even eighteen) for Stanford based off of what Dean said to Sam in the Pilot about not bothering him for two years. Maybe I'm just being too picky, but the lack of continuity in that regard just bugs me.

Dean with the baby shifter in the Campbell Compound: Dean was defensive and definitely had a 'tude as an earlier poster said, but I don't blame him. He agreed with Sam to take the baby to Samuel in part I think because Sam would have just gone there anyway (Sam was driving!) Dean also didn't originally want to be in on this hunt and I think he was following Sam's lead because it was Sam's hunt to begin with. Doesn't mean he has to like it or agree. And after having the 'cousins' in his house, Christian, Gwen, and Mark did nothing to endear themselves to Dean. And Samuel's comments were too suspicious and pointed too. Dean's naturally protective, but even more so of children and babies (even if they are monster babies). So saying Christian was responding to that I agree may be accurate, but doesn't condone Christian taking a shot at Dean's time in Hell (something eh should not have known about!).

I really disliked Samuel turning that on Dean and saying don't blame us blah blah we're being all open and welcoming cause 1) they *so* weren't and 2)just because they claim to be family doesn't make them family. Samuel died over thirty years ago after being possessed by the YED! How did he (and Sam) expect Dean to react to seeing Grandpa back from the dead?! (sorry, Sam, you don't count so much because you've come back a couple times now just like Dean).

Okay, I'm done now, lol. Hopefully I explained my thoughts clearly enough cause this just kinda spilled out of me after reading your review. Thanks for a very positive review though and giving me food for thought! :)

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