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Exile on Main Street: "Of course, I didn't leave it alone, SUE ME!"
A Supernatural Blog - Season 6 Episode 1

Fate is the outcome of letting Fear win. You create your destiny when you stand up, face your fears and live for your dreams -Mastin Kipp

Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from your own. You may both be wrong. -Dandamis

Success is not the key to happiness happiness is the key to success if you love what you are doing you will be successful-Albert Schweitzer

Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.
-Barnett Brickner

He's your oldest and your best friend
If you need him, he'll be there again
He's always willing to be second-best
A perfect lodger, a perfect guest

You just can't have it all
Ohh, ohh, can't have it all
You can try, you can try, but you can't have it all
Oh yeah

- Beautiful Loser, Bob Seger

Welcome back, everyone!!! Here we all are, Season 6 has arrived after a long and at times excruciatingly HOT, dog days of summer. We have entered the autumnal equinox (in my case, the hot, dog days of summer has seen fit to carry over into the fall, how I LONG for cool weather) and finally our first episode has aired. The anticipation over and the reality finally here.

Confession here ("What? Already?" you might be asking), though I was looking forward to the start of Season 6 and all the lovely new twists and turns that were awaiting all of us around those familiar, dark and yet new corners, I was dreading this first episode. I was worried that I would be so in pain about how things had been left in Swan Song that I wouldn't be able to stomach Dean living a normal life.

Sounds terrible of me, doesn't it? Well, I admit it, it was terrible of me to wish Dean so ill as to deny him the happy, "apple pie life" that he has earned, deserved, and wished for, not only by him in secret dreams he had never expressed to anyone, by us DeanGirl fans, of course, and most importantly by Sam as well, ah, but therein lies the crux of my dilemma. Dean wasn't living the happy, apple pie life out of choice, of his own free will, not really and not down in his own soul. Happiness borne from obligation is never true happiness and more importantly, happiness marred by guilt will never last and could only drive a man like Dean to an ultimate end that none of us want for him. 

In the first few moments, you can see the pain seeded in Dean's eyes, his face, his actions. He seems haunted (by the way, it feels great to say my first "How does Jensen do that?" for Season 6 because he is awesome in this episode). He might as well be a zombie walking aimlessly without purpose. I LOVED the montage, the frame by frame comparisons of Dean's former hunting life and his new "normal" life. It harked back to when Sam left in Free to Be You and Me and was doing mundane things such as cleaning a bar counter or cutting lemons while alternating with Dean's life as a hunter, using the same image of Dean sawing the head off a vampire in both. Who knew that would become a marketable skill in construction in his new life? I also loved that "once a hunter, always a hunter" comes into play in these moments as well. Dean, the protector, maybe even more so now because those he is protecting are innocent bystanders as well as his new family, has never left him. The holy water and gun never far under the bed at the ready. All the trappings of normal life just don't fit him. He will live it, be devoted to Lisa and Ben because he knows no other way to be, but deep down where no one can see, he is tormented, as much tormented if he had been left in Hell himself or if Hell had taken over the Earth. Sam hasn't left him. And as long as Sam is in Hell, he never will leave Dean's consciousness. Sam was wrong in making Dean promise to live a normal life. Just as Dean was wrong in telling Sam to live on without him when he was facing Hell. Neither brother could just live on knowing what the other one was suffering. In both cases, the other brother was in Hell. It was asinine to ask either of them to just go on and forget that fact. Dean will never be truly happy until Sam is free along with him and to be honest, he may care for Lisa and Ben, love them in his own way, but he can never truly commit to them any more than his basic protection (which is pretty darn great in my humble opinion, but then again, I am prejudiced and an unrepentant DeanGirl -- so good to say that again). Much as he wants to love them like he should, he can't fully. In the end, the life they are leading is a sham and Lisa and Ben deserve more and so does Dean. Going through the motions isn't really living a happy life. I am glad that Lisa knows about his hunting because she has seen and experienced evil first hand in The Kids are Alright. I would have HATED it if he had a woman whom he had to keep in the dark about his life and who he had to keep secrets from. Though he does pretend he's not hunting, she calls him on it and I like that. I liked Lisa A LOT. She's the kind of woman I would wish for Dean. Patient, accepting, but not someone who would change the essential him. She's not imposing the normal life onto him, she's with him in his attempts to live it and supports him.

Now, some might complain and say, "damn it, Dean, let it go, live your life, you promised Sam, stop whining, stop feeling sorry for yourself, will you ever learn?" etc., but those who do, don't know Dean. You can put all the psychological labels you want on Dean, but Dean is first and foremost Sam's older brother and he can't really rest knowing Sam is in Hell. Could any of us if we knew such a thing about a loved one? In my eyes, Dean is acting the right way. It would be wrong if he could just live the normal life without a twinge of regret, without wondering about Sam, worrying about him. THAT would be the ultimate wrong and SO NOT Dean.

Sidenote: OH, how it made me sad to see the Impala with a tarp draped over it. Ostensibly retired, rusting away in his garage, however, it's nice to know that Dean didn't abandon it to a scrap yard, though I would have forgiven him if he had given it to Bobby, but then how would he get around? Certainly not in a minivan or an econo car. We've already seen how unnatural that would be. It's hard enough seeing him driving just a plain old truck, but at least that's a man's vehicle. It was somehow comforting that Dean didn't give up every vestige of his past life. It was the Impala, after all, in combination with Dean's assertion that he would never leave Sam, that helped Sam break through Lucifer's possession. We've always said that the Impala is like family, is a part of the Winchester family so Dean could never let that car disappear from his life. It would be like cutting out another family member.

It was great to see Fredric Lehne as Yellow eyes again, then to see Sam back, BUT (and this is a HUGE BUT) I was really thrown off (probably was meant to be so I give on that and it was certainly effective in that way) by Sam's attitude. It was downright cavalier, sarcastic and I REALLY hated that. Dean joked when he came back, but in the end, they hugged and it felt genuine, heartfelt. This time, Sam jokes about the fact that he was either expecting a hug or a splash of holy water, saying it in a way that felt a little mean. It seemed like Sam was mocking him more than just teasing him. Maybe making some kind of cruel jab by the tone of his voice that maybe Dean was slipping as a hunter? What did Sam expect? That Dean would have holy water at his hip so that as soon as he wakes up, he whips that out? I know I'm probably overreacting, but that moment really stung and made me mad! Sam's WHOLE 'tude made me mad. BUT I LOVED that Dean did hug him, but HATED that Sam didn't hug back, didn't even try, like he didn't feel anything. Oddly, though, there was something off about Sam's reaction in that moment beyond the lack of a hug back. I began to wonder if Sam HAS to act that way towards Dean for something more than just being cold, cruel even. Maybe the deeper story which I hope will enfold is that Sam is acting the way he is because he has to protect Dean or keep Dean at a distance for a very real and loving reason. I just can't accept that Sam wouldn't hug his own brother. He can't have changed THAT MUCH! (Denial girl here). I have to hope that there is some other explanation. The idea that Sam has become this distant and cold person for no other good reason than that he's changed his elemental and essential self is unacceptable to me. Like I said earlier, for all that Dean had gone through, for all that he's trying to do, trying to be happy in a normal life, he's still the essential Dean, that part of him hasn't changed. Going through Hell didn't change that about him so Sam even with Lucifer in the equation should still be the essential Sam. Pollyanna, I know, but I gotta believe that to make what happened to them palatable for me.

I love how Dean said,

"I wanted my brother. ALIVE!"

Sam's later argument about wanting to give Dean a normal life, I have to admit that felt right to me. It didn't sound dismissive or flip. Sam has wanted that normal life for Dean as much as Dean has wanted it for Sam. It's what they have both wanted for each other, but they haven't been able to have it both whole and experiencing it together. It would have been one thing if one of them had died naturally, just a victim of a hunt gone bad. That would have been painful enough (evidenced by Dean losing Sam to Jake -- Dean's action then probably wasn't the wisest move and likely sparked some of the events that followed because he didn't follow his own advice about the dead staying dead--an observation that Yellow eyes made a point of taunting him with later), but the idea that they would be in a better place and now that they both believe there's a place in Heaven for them, it would have been easier to let go, to live on, but neither of them could do that knowing that the other was in Hell. So, Sam arguing to give Dean a normal life, I can accept and Sam would be right. If he had come back to Dean, Dean probably would have dropped everything to join Sam back in the hunt. It would be interesting to learn as the episodes air how that year of being normal has affected Dean and his approach to hunting other than being rusty. Hints to that are in the upcoming episode, Two and a Half Men where Sam sees how parental Dean has become. I gotta say though that Dean being parental is not a new concept from my viewpoint. Dean was already a parent, but I suppose that since the episode deals with babies, Sam hasn't seen Dean taking care of him as a baby  obviously and certainly at 4, Dean didn't have much input when Sam was a baby, but the innate protectiveness of a parent, Dean's always had that. It's just manifesting in a way that's different and most obvious now.

Okay, the introduction to the Campbell clan, mixed feelings on that, will have to approach that with a "wait and see" attitude. I liked seeing Corin Nemec again. I LOVED him in I Know My First Name is Stephen and in The Stand. Many of you probably know him best in Stargate SG-1. he was great in that too. ALWAYS LOVE seeing Mitch Pileggi!! I LOVE how Jensen plays Dean's skepticism PERFECTLY! Not that it's surprising that he pulls it off, but oh, how I have missed that ability of his to be so nuanced and yet so expressive all at the same time. Then when he thought something had happened to Lisa and Ben. PURE GOLD!!! He hugs them in a way that you can feel right off the screen! DeanGirl moment: And wished that you were them.

Of course, it wouldn't be Supernatural or a proper reunion without Bobby and it makes total sense that Dean would bring his family to him. I have to say it was so nice to see Bobby upright and walking again. Hee! I SO LOVED THIS SCENE!!!! It was painful and I was angry at Bobby and Sam for keeping the secret, but somehow, I managed to find some forgiveness for Bobby because he's their father figure and what father wouldn't have done what he did? To give his son a chance at a better life, to want him to live a normal life. I understood that even if at the same time I thought he was shortchanging Dean. Dean's anger was BEAUTIFUL, if that makes any sense at all. Once again, Jensen playing it for the full emotional effect that it was. I felt the adrenaline, the pain, the betrayal, even if by betrayal standards it hardly warranted all the bluster because I can understand the love behind the betrayal, however, misguided, that comes from making those difficult choices. In a way, I see Dean's anger as not only about being lied to, having that secret kept from him, but I really believe that Dean also feels like they put him in the worst possible position that they could have put him in. They let him believe that the only choice he had in his life was to keep a promise he didn't want to keep and didn't keep in the end:

"Of course, I didn't leave it alone, SUE ME!"

And just when he's settled into that normal life, maybe not completely accepting it yet, he gets drawn back into the hunting life again and now he has a woman and a child who he has let become touched by his violent past life. Something we ALL know Dean never would have wanted. Dean so much as said so at the end of the episode, blaming himself for believing he could have a normal life.

He's his mother's son in that way, a comparison Samuel makes later. He would never have wanted to raise a family into the hunting life, yet, he's now facing that very reality. Mary failed to keep it from him and Sam and now he won't be able to do the same thing with Lisa and Ben. The yellow eyed demon said it, you can't escape your past and Dean, in his heart, knew that deep down he wouldn't be allowed to pull off the happiness he had, that his past would come back to haunt him, but the fact that he had hoped he could, that he tried, even if half-heartedly makes what's happening to him all the more tragic for Dean. He just had never expected it to come back in the form of his mysteriously resurrected brother.

I think that Dean has a right to be angry about that. If they had told him straight away, I think that yes, Dean would have gone back to the hunt, but at least there wouldn't be any collateral damage in his eyes. Though I have to believe that Sam and Bobby meant well, they clearly didn't see it through, see what that decision would do to Dean and ultimately to Lisa and Ben. They had fooled themselves too, allowed themselves to believe that Dean would be the one to make it out, could live the life they both felt weren't options to them. I can see that. It still doesn't make the secret keeping right. Dean loves his brother and to keep that fact from him was just cruel in every sense and direction of the word. They couldn't have known him if they both thought Dean would let that loss go, a grief that he said himself that had nearly drove him in the same direction as his father. Lisa and Ben can take credit for keeping Dean from the cliff, but he was balancing it precariously.

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVED the moment between Lisa and Dean. I LOVED that Lisa set Dean straight about his view that he ruined their lives, that he was a wreck half the time during the year. She gave him something BEAUTIFUL. She told him that he was great with Ben, that she wanted Ben to look up to him like a father and most importantly that the last year was the best year of her life. She was realistic, completely had her eyes open the entire time and didn't flinch, accepted Dean's post traumatic stress disorder, understood it, and in many ways that Dean can't see now, saw him through it, kept him alive, if barely. I'm glad that she's making him see that though it wasn't "greeting card" perfect, it was good in ways that most "normal" couples don't get. Also, Dean doesn't see that he didn't abuse Lisa or hurt Ben even in the pain that he was in. The only pain he inflicted was on himself. He cared for her and Ben and never once took his pain out on them. That's another look into Dean's character that I never doubted existed.

"You're always so amazing with Ben. You know what I wanted? More than anything was a guy that Ben could look up to like...like a dad. So you're saying it's all bad, Dean? Because it was the best year of my life."

I LOVED those words. It says so much. Yes, Dean is damaged, was grief-stricken, but through all of that, he man-upped to be the best partner and father figure he could be. He gave Ben the kind of attention and love that John couldn't give, at least not in the way a "normal" father would. John did his best and clearly he did a good job with Dean because for all of his inner demons and hang ups, Dean still puts compassion and caring first (worrying and caring about his neighbors even -- a quality that Sam points out too though more clinically than with a brotherly pride). I can imagine Dean consciously trying to be a better dad to Ben. It's an easy stretch to make. Also, in a way, both Dean and John raised kids borne from tragedy, from losing someone so dear that it nearly broke them. John was already a father and had to become a single father, but from what we know of his parenting and of Mary's, it's clear that Mary had the greatest influence when she was alive, but when she was gone, John delved into the best cache he had to raise his sons, his military training and also from revenge and grief, brought his sons into a world that had barely a tether to the real world let alone a normal one. Dean had the parental skills having raised Sam for much of his life and how he developed those skills growing up, it's not as clear, in some ways, it seemed innate in him (he only had his mom for 4 years and it's hard to imagine that Dean could have gleaned anything from that short time other than just feeling loved and cared for -- maybe that was enough), but you can see how Dean is applying those skills to Ben. Though driven by a similar grief at losing Sam, perhaps even feeling like he was "forced' into becoming a parent by his promise, Dean was resolved at not bringing Lisa and Ben into hunting. Yes, clearly he tried to find a way out for Sam and didn't completely disconnect from hunting (holy water and gun under the bed evidence of that as well), but from Lisa's words, Dean was also present and an active participant in their lives as partner and father figure. That says a lot!

I love that when he joins Sam and the Campbells to hunt the djinns, he puts Christian in his place when he suggests that Dean's been "out of the game for a while" and to leave the planning up to the "professionals", looking at Samuel:

"Tiny suggestion. You see, djinn is easier to draw out when you got bait. They want Sam and me. They know where I live. Now I haven't been hunting in awhile, but I'm gonna stick my neck out and guess that's a pretty good place for us to go. See, it's almost like I'm a professional."

I SO LOVE Dean in these situations. He's been insecure in a lot of ways, but as far as hunting goes, he's always on target and no matter what, in my eyes, he'll always be the best of them, retired or not. Even when he's tough on himself about being too rusty to be useful in his eyes, I'd still trust him with my life any old day (DeanGirl moment).

Sidenote:  Forgot to mention that I find it hard to believe that both Sam and Samuel got resurrected for the same reasons. Right now, we don't have any idea what those reasons are, but I find it mighty coincidental that Samuel was once possessed by the yellow eyed demon. Now, Sam hasn't proffered any proof that he's made sure that Samuel is just as human as he is, but we're assuming that he has and that Samuel is human and not a demon, but the hairs at the back of my neck prickle at that unholy connection. I also have to say that it's pretty darn amazing that Dean, still, hasn't been possessed. Copied, yes, by a shapeshifter, but not possessed. I have to wonder what that means, if anything (maybe I just like thinking of Dean as special that way). Both Sam and Samuel have been possessed and ironically by demon family, Samuel by Azazel and Sam by Meg...hmmm...I know, I'm probably making connections where there aren't any, but love the speculation.

I love and also feel for Dean when they tear through his house and make fun of the "normal" possessions there, the In Style mag, the family photo and golf  clubs (I wonder if those are Jensen's clubs - hahaha). It paints a great picture in my eyes. It reveals that Dean did try to do normal things. It's unfair of Sam to make fun of golf when he's the reason that Dean took it up in the process of acclimating into a regular life. I did love Samuel telling Dean that he reminds him of Mary. It proves my point. Dean is so much more Mary than Sam is for nurture as well as genetic reasons. Sam said it in Dark Side of the Moon, he never got the crusts cut off of his sandwiches. As seemingly meaningless that gesture was, it's everything when you're a little kid. 

Still, this was an interesting revelation, both sweet and terribly sad:

"You just went. You didn't hesitate because you care and that's who you are. Me? I wouldn't even think to try."

"Yes, you would." (LOVE that Dean insists/defends that Sam would too.)

"No, Dean. I'm telling you. It's just better with you're around, that's all."

It reveals something about Sam that a lot of us suspected and at first blamed the demon blood for last season, but this moment and the fact that Sam refuses to take the Impala demonstrates how far apart our brothers have become. Maybe it would have been inevitable like we saw in What is and What Never Should be, that if separated like Sam going to college in the normal scenario, maybe they would have grown up differently and apart. Now, we see the reverse of that episode, Dean living the normal life and Sam living the hunting life and it feels like they no longer have much in common, philosophically, and maybe in a sad way for Dean, that he no longer knows the Sam in front of him now. Maybe this is truly about living separate lives. Still, I cling to the belief that somehow, they will connect again. They are family and as Sam just told Dean, his strength is that he cares and I know that Dean will find a way back to Sam.  The ending was just too heartbreaking to bear as Dean watches Sam drive away with barely a cursory "keep in touch". The disappointment in Dean's eyes was so clear.  Again, "How does Jensen do that?"

These aren't the Winchester brothers we know and love. Perhaps they never will be the way they were, but I have to hope they will forge an even stronger bond, if a different one as brothers again.

Though this episode was painful, I LOVED IT and thought it was a great start to the season. It was good to have the boys back and there was this nostalgic feel of Season 1 about it.  I can't pinpoint what it is, but it felt familiar. Yet, also, there were many things about it that distinguishes it from the other seasons. Such as the THEN and NOW sequence. Gone is our beloved Carry on my Wayward Son, but appropriately, Bob Seger's Beautiful Loser fit the bill perfectly for what followed in the episode. There was a symbolism to the breaking glass opening to the title card. Not only has a symbolic glass been broken between our brothers, but this season will likely shatter all established conventions from seasons past and I welcome it.  Heck, I'm downright giddy and excited about it.

Welcome back everyone and thanks for the read. Forgive any mistakes. I had to rush this off because the rest of the week is, well, Hell and the heatwave we're having isn't helping. See you for Two and a Half Men!

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Happiness borne from obligation is never true happiness and more importantly, happiness marred by guilt will never last and could only drive a man like Dean to an ultimate end that none of us want for him.

So well said! I was dreading this episode too! I was sitting there waiting for it to start, cringing a little, lol! It’s just…so strange to imagine Dean living that normal life. I loved how they interspersed it with images of him hunting, though.

…using the same image of Dean sawing the head off a vampire in both. Who knew that would become a marketable skill in construction in his new life?

*falls over laughing*

In my eyes, Dean is acting the right way. It would be wrong if he could just live the normal life without a twinge of regret, without wondering about Sam, worrying about him. THAT would be the ultimate wrong and SO NOT Dean.

Once again, so well said! To ask Dean to be anything else is to ask Dean to be someone else completely.

OH, how it made me sad to see the Impala with a tarp draped over it. Ostensibly retired, rusting away in his garage, however, it's nice to know that Dean didn't abandon it to a scrap yard, though I would have forgiven him if he had given it to Bobby, but then how would he get around.

I was sad to see that too! But, I also realized something. Even if Sam and Dean Winchester are “dead” to the authorities, the impala is still a recognizable car. I wonder if part of why he decided to put it away was because he didn’t want to risk drawing any attention to Lisa and Ben. Evil could recognize the car too.

Hints to that are in the upcoming episode, Two and a Half Men where Sam sees how parental Dean has become. I gotta say though that Dean being parental is not a new concept from my viewpoint.

It’s definitely not new! Dead (almost wrote Dean, lol!) In The Water is a perfect example of that. :D

Now, Sam hasn't proffered any proof that he's made sure that Samuel is just as human as he is, but we're assuming that he has and that Samuel is human and not a demon, but the hairs at the back of my neck prickle at that unholy connection.

Mine too! I wonder if Dean’s “hallucination” was a possible clue. One thing I caught… the YED always called John their “daddy.” Samuel used the same expression: “I’ll show you tricks your daddy never even dreamed of.” I could be imagining things, but that sounds very YED-like to me!

Fabulous blog as always! :)


What a wonderful, insightful, thoughtful meta-review. :) I enjoyed this very much, and absolutely adore your examination of Dean and Lisa. That partnership is one of the best things SPN has done, and I'm both eager and fearful of seeing more of Lisa & Ben in the story. Everything you point out and discuss just make me love this episode more, and the amazing actors who carry it. :)

Just one thing to add, which is my continual point regarding the new!Sam: I urge people to truly contemplate what Sam's been through. Not to compare Sam's trip to hell with Dean's, because it's not a competition. They've both suffered more than mortal minds can grasp.

But what I like to point out, as I discuss in my review over on my LJ, is that Sam ... was Lucifer's meat suit. We only saw part of what Lucifer did with/to Sam. We know nothing at all of what happened when Sam dove into the Pit, to be locked into into a part of hell so awful and so remote that demons weren't even sure Lucifer existed! And he was stuck there in that box with the full fury of not one but two wrathful archangels. If humans can't bear an angel's voice ... how must it change one to be trapped naked and defenseless with the wrath of two such terrible beings?

To which I submit to fandom this: the Sam we see now is genuinely Sam ...

....But I think it's what's left of him.

I think Sam's lost some precious piece of his humanity, and it's not that he means to be cold or unfeeling, it's that the components required to truly feel are burned out of him! I suspect what he passes as emotions are only the distant memories of what emotions should be.

Anywho, that's my theory. :) I expect we'll see more of cold!Sam before something gives, and we start to learn more about what happened to him and why he is like that. Sam is every bit as messed up as Dean was, following Hell. His brain is just processing it in a different way. Perhaps the only way it can.

Thank you again for the delicious, wonderful review! Mmm, yes, that desperate hug Dean gave Lisa and Ben was amazing.

Edited at 2010-09-29 05:01 pm (UTC)

Thanks for your comments and most excellent points about Sam

Thanks for your kind words and I'm glad you enjoyed reading. I TOTALLY agree with your points about Sam and appreciate the angles that I missed about Sam's experience in Hell. Great analysis. And you are totally right. Sam's experience should not be compared to Dean's, nor Sam's endurance and suffering as well as they are 2 different men and so you're totally right that their experiences and how they survived Hell have to be different on that point alone. I missed that and again, appreciated the enlightened observation. Lucifer being inside of Sam versus just going to Hell as Sam as Dean did as himself certainly has to make a difference. Sam had 2 battles, one was to rid himself of Lucifer or worse, perhaps Lucifer remained long enough to inflict torture while Sam watched helplessly just as Dean was turned by Alistair to inflict torture on others, difference being, Dean chose to inflict it as himself. Perhaps Sam didn't have a choice. Perhaps Sam had o sit by and watch until he could regain hiimself. The horror of possession is the helplessness that the victim feels at just being a bystander. Sam's other battle is likely ongoing now that he's back on Earth. Perhaps he's also recovering from that realization? Oh, the lovely speculation is ENDLESS!

Awesome thoughts. Thanks again

Re: Thanks for your comments and most excellent points about Sam

Wow, what a lovely, generous response to my invasion of your LJ. :) Thank you so very much for your kindness. I'm glad if my musings could offer you fodder for thought. This show gives us so very MUCH to think about, don't it? :)

I do look forward to when Show finally decides to show us what Sam suffered. It'll be interesting to see how close any of our speculations come. Thanks again for the wonderful reply! :)

Re: Thanks for your comments and most excellent points about Sam

Thank YOU for your musings. You can muse on my blog anytime. Hee! I'm not someone who is SO blind to Dean's faults that I don't see the merits of Sam's actions. I love both Dean and Sam and try to be as objective as possible, but wholeheartedly admit to my biases so I welcome other perspectives. I try to be fair to Sam as much as I can. Ah, the lovely speculation is the best part of Supernatural. It makes you think, even if you are like way off, it's fun to speculate because you're always surprised.

Thanks again for commenting. Please keep doing it and keep me honest.

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