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Happy Birthday, kwential!
Hope you have a wonderful day!

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Thank you very much!
Sorry I didn't answer earlier, I didn't see this until today.
Thanks again.

i think they will connect again, but like Sam said in "Fallen Idols" it can't be the way it was before because that way didn't work. Dean has grown so incredibly strong and independent now that the final scene seemed like another show. Sam just says "see you around" and drives off, and though it obviously pains Dean, he goes with it. He has a family to protect and that is Lisa and Ben.

I think Dean and Sam started growing apart about mid-season 3. By the end of that season they had different phiosophies and motivations. Once Dean went to Hell this gulf grew deeper and once back it could never return to what it was.

Thank you very much!
Sorry I didn't answer sooner. I'm terribly ashamed. I didn't check your journal this summer, because I understood (badly, like I now see) that you couldn't post this summer. Now I see that not only did you post, but I find your old TV-guide entries, that I loved.
Thank you again!

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