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TV Guide Blog - Simon Said - Dean singing and more - JUST SPECTACULAR!
TV Guide Blog: Simon Said - Season 2 Episode 5

Posted on TV Guide on October 27, 2006

Okay, who else besides me downloaded REO Speedwagon's song, Can't Fight this Feeling? Oh, just me then. Well, *clears her throat*, heck, I'm old enough to remember when it was a hit. Now, that's saying something. Bottom line though, my gosh, is there anything Jensen can't do? Oh, swoon, and I loved Dean singing a totally sappy, chick song too. (side note: it cracks me up that Dean's afraid of Ellen). Oh, I also hate to admit this, but one could take that scene as a really big hint/foreshadowing of Jo and Dean's potential "hook up" and believe me, it hurts me to even suggest it. I mean, you gotta admit, Can't this Feeling anymore? Dean not being able to get it out of his head and singing it...as much as I LOVE that it was a reason to hear Jensen sing, I can't ignore or deny the "implications" of it all...okay, sorry...moving on now.

Okay, focus, focus! Oh, and the episodes keep getting better and better!!! I mean Simon Said was not only a fantastic balance of funny to serious, but it just felt great to feel some of that old Season 1 vibe again. I have SO missed it, I know that my friend Tiffany, who is a dedicated Star Wars fan just LOVED this episode with the "He full on Obi Waned me" and the "These aren't the droids you're looking for" mind control lines. I was cracking up and I saw the movies when they first came out...okay, I think I'm revealing too much about how old I really am, hee, hee. Then there were the Dean lines that I so missed in the previous episodes, yeh, they were there, but they were lacking the sarcastic tinge that I love so much. Last night marked the return of some of the old Dean with the lines, "Im sorry, baby, I'll never leave you again" when he finds the Impala, then "Moby DIck's bong" when they find the van (him liking the tiger on the inside wall was subtle and also just pricelessly funny). Don't get me wrong, there was still enough of the changed Dean to realize that things will never
be the same, there still was a distance, a detachment there that you could feel. Some of it focused on Sam. There was this uncertainty in a look he would give, even before he revealed through Andy's mind control that he was worried that Sam might be turning into something dangerous, yet he was also adamant in telling Sam that he wasn't a killer, that it wasn't "in his bones". There were other reassuring signs of how much he still cares for Sam despite his uncertainties about what it all means like a touch on the knee when Sam was riddled with guilt about not saving the doctor and of course when Sam was suffering the terrible pain of the visions, Dean would stop the car and check on him, to make sure he was okay.

I really liked that Andy wasn't evil, that he was more like Sam than his twin or like Max. It was nice to see another "chosen one" be more like Sam to reassure us and Sam that not everyone who has the same past and destiny are becoming evil killers. I REALLY loved the ending at the Roadhouse when the revelation was discovered that Andy's twin didn't have a house fire or lose his mother. This complicated things and didn't make finding the answers about Sam any easier. The pattern had been broken. What a SUPER plot twist! It really turns things upside down. Like I said, these episodes are just getting better and better because just when you think you've got things figured out, Eric Kripke and the writers throw in a curve ball and completely upends the comfort zone out the window. I loved it!

I also loved that Dean honed in on the the fact that Andy wasn't the serial killer type, even when Sam kept insisting that he was. Then when Sam kept emphasizing that Andy was a killer because he killed his brother, Dean pointed out that he only did that to save the woman he loved and that he had saved him (Dean) too. He told Sam he was pushed to kill, he wasn't a "foaming at the mouth" psycho. That made him a hero. I loved the line, "You be good, Andy or we're coming back". Again, there was that spark of the old Dean there, telling someone to be good, to stay good. I loved that. I also loved that Dean didn't assume the worst with Andy and trusted his instincts. It made me think that there is still so much of Dean that feels and understands the good in people, that he isn't all dark and looking for evil everywhere.

Despite the great lighter moments, this episode had me scared a little and had a darkness that went beyond the usual scares. Like when Anson made Dean point the gun on himself to kill him, even though I knew that he wasn't going to die, I really felt a momentary chill when the gun barrel turned into his chin. Then when the shot rang out, I was startled for a second. Like other parts of the episode, I felt a moment of uncertainty, that maybe things weren't going to go so predictably. The other moment that left me wondering, at least, was Dean's quick dismissal of Sam's theory that the demon was pushing them, finding ways to break them. Dean just says they don't know what the demon wants and to quit worrying about it. It came off scarily matter of fact. Then he switches back to "we gotta keep doing what we're doing, find that evil son of a bitch and kill it" which seemed a 180 degree turn. It started out silly with the "do-over", but I felt like what Sam looked like, unsure, scared and little weirded out.

I also found the convoluted twist of the brotherly relationship between Andy and Anson to be interesting compared to Sam and Dean's and the very psycho turn of one brother's protectiveness over another. Anson killing everyone who was involved in separating them or keeping them apart and the very eerie line to Andy's girlfriend, "He's my family, not yours" was chilling. I found that the demon coming to Anson and not to Andy to be interesting too, but I don't have a theory about it yet. The childhoods of the two brothers and how they both turned out, was a great way to throw out the pattern theory. One twin losing his mom to a fire like Sam, turned out okay, but the one who had nothing out of the ordinary happen in his life, turned out psychotic. You would think it would be the other way around. Sam's theory about the demon pushing them into doing evil things or to kill innocent people makes sense. He was right that everyone has the capability, if pushed, but I think that what makes the difference is who you are from within that determines whether you give in. Sam points out to Andy that with the mind control gift, he could do anything, become rich etc., but Andy says that he has everything he needs. It was a poignant and uplifting moment. I also believe that, at least, in Sam's case, he was lucky to have Dean around throughout his childhood and when Jess died. When he was pushed, Dean was there to bring him back, to keep him from losing it. Really interesting ideas could come from this episode's revelations.

I'm probably forgetting something since the episode was so rich with so much stuff, but I'll be back after multiple viewings as always. In essence, the episode was just AWESOME!!!! Another STELLAR plotline with just tons of things to enjoy and speculate from. I am so pleased with the direction the show is going and that it's continuing to to move forward logically and emotionally, keeping me interested and hungering for the next episode week after week.