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TV Guide Blog - Bloodlust
TV Guide Blog - Bloodlust - Season 2 Episode 3

Posted on TV Guide on October 13, 2006

Bloodlust was AWESOME!!!!! The BEST!!! PHENOMENAL! AMAZING!!

Can you tell that I liked this episode? Just a little...hell, I LOVED IT!!! It was everything I was hoping it would be and went BEYOND my expectations in so many ways!! It is my favorite episode thusfar.

It was just wonderful all around! I'm going to effuse so much about how great it was, a few of you may gag so be forewarned. First of alll, who didn't LOVE the return of the Impala. It practically got its own music video!! Just thought it was a great way to bring that beloved character back from the throes of death. I mean it just vavoomed on the road. Talk about hearing a collective sigh as it crested the road. Great to see it back!!

It was also great, if only for a brief moment, to see Dean so happy. Though we know it's a carefully crafted fascade, it brought both joy and heartache all at the same time. I like Sam's new hair. It makes him look older in a way as well as projecting a sense of confidence and even calm. I am already seeing what Jensen alluded to about Sam taking the reins and accepting his fate. I was really pleased that Sam was being an anchor to Dean, both as a brother and as a moral center. When Dean said, "If it's supernatural, we kill it", Sam qualified it for him with "if it's evil". Dean hitting Sam was a little shocking for me, in a good way, it showed how completely uncharacteristic that behavior was and yet I was so moved that Sam held his ground and told Dean that he could hit him if he wants, but that it wouldn't change anything. I also loved that at the end, Dean recognized how wrong that was and in a lighter moment told Sam to "clock" him back to make it even. I didn't know if I would like the role reversal, but I have to say, Jared is doing an awesome and believable job of maturing Sam into a capable hunter and stable influence for Dean. You didn't always see that in Season 1, also, I loved that he totally tracked the route to the lair by sounds, counting time etc. Talk about sexy smart. He seems to be more comfortable in his own skin. I'm liking this new Sam.

I loved the lightness of the morgue moment a lot. Guys in suits, yeow, sexy! Though I liked Dean's tie better. I loved the Silence of the Lambs references. It felt like the old Sam and Dean were back and I really, really missed them. Not that everything has been resolved or anything, but it was nice to see that thread of brotherly connection as well as their great partnership with the "subterfuge" part of investigating a supernatural event.

Gordon was the perfect dark influence for Dean's conflicted situation. He was the worse thing for Dean at that moment. Though he identifies with Dean's loss, he encouraged Dean to take the dark road that he took, to use the feelings of emptiness and darkness to his advantage in the killing. I loved, though, that Dean recognized the darkness that's taking him over, that he isn't in denial about how he's dealing with John's death, its affect on him and that there is a growing darkness filling him. It was just an AWESOME (sorry, I know I'm overusing that word) performance by Jensen. I mean the play of conflict was all there. There was pain, loss, uncertainty, and fear all in the span of a few minutes. I was totally floored.

Jensen played the fury and, appropriately, the bloodlust of the kill with complete authenticity when he beat up then coldly and callously decapitated the vampire . When I saw the blood spatter on his face, he looked feral as if filled with a chilling madness and it scared me. Jensen just captured it spot on, still, for me, there was that glimmer of "what did I just do?" that made me want to just reach out and hold him.

I was SO thrilled to see that Dean's protectiveness is still there and that he hasn't completely lost his ability to see right and wrong. That wonderful sense of saving people even if they are a vampire, still cracked through, there was so much of the old Dean there. I felt pride for seeing that. Though Sam was trying to point that out to him earlier, he had to see it for himself, feel it for himself and I was so glad that he didn't allow Gordon's arguments to win him over. He still chose to do the right thing, to show mercy over mercilessness. This was, by far, my favorite scene because you saw that Dean wasn't lost to the dark, not yet, thanks in no small part to Sam, but also from within him. I totally LOVED that he opened up to Sam at the end. He confided in him that he wanted to kill all of the vampires, that killing the first vampire felt good, that every instinct told him to kill them. Then I totally LOVED that Dean worried and questioned all the things they killed on their previous hunts. I LOVED that he wondered if they might have killed things that didn't deserve killing that maybe their dad raised them to hate those things. It was a WONDERFUL admission on his part and I loved that Sam reassured him that their dad did his best and that the most important thing was that Dean didn't give into his desire to kill, that he fought it. It showed vulnerability without weakness and it didn't ring false with the characters. That brotherly bond is just as strong as ever, just tested much harder than it has ever been. The roles have been reversed in that Sam is now Dean's anchor, he's the tether that keeps Dean grounded and not completely lost in the darkness. I used to say that Sam would be lost without Dean and Dean said, too, that nothing bad would ever happen to Sam as long as he was around, but now, it's come full circle. It's more apparent that both need each other, that both of them bring stability and strength to each other whether they want to admit it or not.

In the end, this episode totally reinforced that it's still all about family, that without each other, Dean and Sam would both be lost to some kind of inner demon. They complete each other as brothers. It's that element that makes this show so compelling and so fantastic. Jensen and Jared continue to bring so much to that relationship that you laugh with them when they bust each other's chops and cry with them when they are in pain and lose each other. You also root for them to never lose sight of each other. It is an amazing job they both do. I have never seen any show with any other actors that demonstrates such a phenomenal bond. It's why I ache with anticipation every Thursday of every week to see this show  because it never ceases to entertain and totally moves me emotionally. I can't wait to see what happens to them and I care about what happens to them.

Okay, I know I've forgotten something, but I admit to being so besotted with Bloodlust, I can't guarantee I've made any sense at all thusfar. Oh, Amber Benson! Yikes, so sorry to Buffy fans everywhere, myself included. She was great and really made me feel sympathetic to the vampires like her. In a very clever way, this episode made me question, who's the evil one here? Vampires or hunters? She was totally strong yet sweet like the Tara of Buffy, maintaining hope for acceptance and understanding even though she may never see it come to fruition. She was great and it was good seeing her again.

Okay, I think I must take a breath, review the episode multiple times as I often do to catch nuances I've missed, and just say, I LOVED IT ALL!