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TV Guide Blog - In My Time of Dying:"Dude, I full on Swayzed that mother!"
TV Guide Blog - In My Time of Dying - Season 2 Episode 1

Posted on TV Guide on September 29, 2006

Well, the episode finally aired and I gotta say I LOVED IT or maybe I should say DITTO!

To be fair to anybody who may not have seen the episode yet for whatever reason, be forewarned there will be spoilers a plenty below so if you don't want to know, stop now.

Okay, for those of us who are fainting, salivating or just plain blown away, here comes my take on it. I thought it was just WONDERFUL!!! Warning, endless prattle to follow:

The opening was super with Sam facing the demon possessed truck driver right after the basic recap of last season. The only complaint I have and I admit to being a bit of sicko, so my apologies, is that there wasn't enough "ER" moments as they were being rescued, but that's being nit picky because I know if they had, they wouldn't have had time for the rest which I just LOVED!!! Have I said yet that I LOVED it enough already?

Okay, my subject line pretty much sums up my favorite line in the show. Only Dean could say that line and totally move me and crack me up at the same time. There were other funny references like the ghost whispering reference, the line with Tessa before he knew she was a reaper about her experiencing complications. Those were the light moments.

The heavier, moving, angstier (is that even a word? I think not, but it fits here) moments were just AWESOME! I have to admit to being an "easy cry" so I was just totally choking up every which way like when Dean, after "swayzing" the glass, began to collapse and we find that his heart went flatline. The fear and devastation on Sam's face as the doctors worked to save Dean was totally knee-buckling and then Dean showing his total will to live by fighting off the reaper then telling Sam he isn't going any whereand that if he can grab it, he can kill it. So Dean! It's so like him to be reassuring even as a spirit. Super!!!!

A great emotional scene was with John, even though he couldn't hear Dean, Dean was showing how angry he was that his father wasn't even trying to save him (not knowing his ultimate plan to save him) even after all he had done for him. The line of "giving everything I had" just killed me! I thought it was great that even though he couldn't say it to his father's face, he was expressing his pain and sacrifice to him as a spirit, probably the
only way that he could express it fully.

The dialogue with Tessa, the reaper, was great too, talking about how his death was a noble death, a warrior's death and how Dean told her that it was all crap and that there was no such thing as a noble death. That while
his body rotted in the ground, his family would be danger or could get killed without him. All he wanted was to be there for his family, that they would die without him there to fight for them and with them. He even talks about  Sam, in particular, dying without him there and I totally believed that to be true. So much of what was revealed in Season 1 hints to Dean's importance in Sam's life as guide, hunter, protector, big brother that without him, Sam would be lost on one level or another.

Some revelations that weren't surprises, but that still made an impact and of course set the direction for the season is John's bargain with the demon, not only for the Colt, but for his life as well as him knowing about Sam's gifts. There were suspicions about those plots floating around, just not confirmed until now. I wasn't disappointed at not being surprised. I liked the idea of them being confirmed.

Even though John's death didn't come as a complete surprise, it's already being commented on in other blogs about how poor Jeffrey Dean Morgan keeps dying on so many shows. He has got to stop getting killed off! I bet he's beginning to wonder. Still, it was sad to lose him, however, it does set up all manner of questions like what did he whisper into Dean's ear that caused such a shocked expression? What does John know about Sam's gifts and did he tell Dean what they were etc. Interestingly enough, the scene with John thanking Dean for all he's done for their family, scared me at first because, like Dean, I wasn't sure if it was him or the demon, but after the tears fell, I let myself feel the sadness of the acknowledgement. I have to admit it was a mixed bag emotionally that scene.

I saved my favorite angst scene for last. The Sam and Dean interaction both with the ouija board and Sam just at Dean's bedside were so true and heart wrenching. Kudos to Jared for making those scenes feel heartfelt and real. I loved the line where he says that Dean has to hold on, that hecan't go, not now because they were just starting to be brothers again!! Total melt city! That's when I really needed the kleenex.

As a Dean episode, it was fabulous! Jensen Ackles totally nailed every emotion and nuance perfectly from the defiance of not giving up, to fight to live, showing his will to live to fight for his family, that even close to death he is putting his family first and it never comes off as arrogance that he thinks he's the only one who can protect them because it's been hinted at and shown outright that he is the foundation of that family, that without him, it would crumble. Even in this episode, Sam and John are arguing and you can feel from Jensen's performance that Dean can't stand feeling helpless to stop them and you can see how important he is as peacekeeper between them. Also, in the smaller scenes when that woman died and he couldn't get anyone to help her or that little girl going flatline, you can see the frustration on his face and it just makes you ache because you want him to save everyone. I've always maintained that Jensen can communicate nuance of emotion as well as deep heartfelt emotion with just a look, but he can also convey so much with a crack in his voice that nothing else needs to said. It's all there, open and revealing. Jensen just did a stellar job!

I'm sure I've missed or forgotten something, but I know that others will cover whatever I have missed. All I can say is, it was worth the wait. It was everything I thought it could be and more and I was more than happy with how it put into place events that will make speculating all that much more fun throughout the season. I'm already dying to know what John whispered to Dean and it'll probably take all season before we find out. Great job of writing the first episode Eric Kripke!!!!!!

Hope all of you enjoyed it as well. Season 2 has launched and launched well and I, for one, can't wait for the episodes to come. Thanks for listeningto my prattle, hee, hee!