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Unabashed Spoiler Hound & Fanfic writer

Reveling in the fickle nature of fangirlishness

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Harking back to blogs past
Forgive me, I just plunked in all of my old TV Guide blogs without a preface of explanation so here it is:

I was reading some old blogs that I wrote back in the TV Guide blogosphere  days and was getting a kick out of how dated they were and yet how relevant some of it still is.  Back then, I did some "character studies" of both Dean and Sam (forgive the leanings towards Dean evaluations, ever an admitted unrepentant DeanGirl, but I hope I've been fair as well) as well as the usual blogs for each episode.  I thought I'd add them to my blog here at LJ, not only to preserve them here since the TV Guide blogs are no more, but also to share those thoughts, dated as they are, to an audience who may never have read them.  Those that were fellow fangirls and fanboys back then needn't relive them if they don't want to, but I hope that those of you who might want to get a chuckle will stop by and take a read. Comments always welcome. I also figured this would be a nice way to while away the long, dog days of summer before Season 6 begins.  I'll also put up the episode blogs I did back then as well.  I think I started my Supernatural blogging life with In My Time of Dying. Wow, seems ages ago now.

Again, forgive all the dated references, but I hope you enjoy reading them.