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The Winchester Brothers - Faith and Destiny

An old TV Guide blog:

As we await the next hours to pass for all of us until PLAYTHINGS, fellow enablers unite to get through the day.

As I was happily watching HUNTED on iTunes, two pieces of dialogue kept resurfacing for me as potential allegories to the coming episodes, in other words, the vivid imagination is back at work again. Happens when the mind is allowed to wander freely unchecked.


The lines are:

"Cuz your brother, he thinks you're some kind of saint." {C}{C}

"I wasn't meant to do anything. I don't believe in that destiny crap."

{C} {C}{C}{C}

I love these lines for what they reveal about Dean, but also for what they could mean for both Winchester brothers.{C}{C}

The first line speaks of Dean's obvious belief in Sam's basic innocence, the goodness of his conscience that he proclaimed to Gordon. Not the naive kind of innocence because certainly being raised as they both have been, the wonderful, blissful safety of that kind of innocence was lost very young. Something Wicked illustrated the price of lost innocence and the brothers' desire (expressed by Sam) to have that innocence back. No, this line, to me, speaks to Dean's belief that Sam is uncorruptible that he won't be swayed to do evil. There's an inherent faith there for Sam. Dean's fear is not so much that Sam, given his own will and self-determination intact, would ever willingly choose to do evil. Case in point with Gordon. Sam didn't kill him despite his taunts and when Dean wanted to, Sam stopped him and took care of Gordon without killing him. Sam keeps trying to opt for any other solution other than killing. Dean's worry is more about what external forces will enact Sam into making decisions that he would never make under normal circumstances and more importantly, what Dean can do to stop those forces to save him.

The second line, for me, makes me wonder about whether it is just Sam's destiny that's in play. Yeh, Dean denies that he has a destiny and as Sam pointed out, he denies Sam's destiny as well, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one. It's easier for Dean to deny destiny for both of them because that means things aren't pre-determined or pre-ordained to end up a certain way the way Gordon paints the picture, that Sam isn't meant to be evil and more critically, that Dean isn't meant to kill him. Even John's secret to him has a choice involved: Save Sam if you can, that's all that matters, but if for any reason you can't, you have to kill him.

I think that Dean truly believes that his purpose in life is to be Sam's brother and protector, but he clearly doesn't see it as his destiny since he doesn't believe in destiny onto itself. What he can't deny is that he's been doing that all his life. I believe he knows it comes naturally to him and that his love and devotion to Sam is more than just familial, it's about caring for a man who is literally his best friend as well, who has been there for him throughout his struggles in dealing with the secret.

I think that Dean does have a destiny in the mythology known as Supernatural and that maybe it goes beyond saving Sam alone. It could be that Dean has the greater destiny, the larger role in the war that's to come, or is the pivotal cog that turns the tides. Dean must save Sam for all the right and obvious personal reasons, but I also think that in the "saving the world" scenario that he jokes about at the end of HUNTED, saving or killing Sam means saving the world from evil, a much greater darkness. He would much prefer the former outcome and deathly fears the latter one. Could saving the world direct him to do the most heinous thing he could ever imagine?

Time will tell.