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Sam and Dean Winchester: Fate, Destiny, Control, Choice
An old TV Guide blog:

Norman Maclean wrote, "It is those we live with and love and should know who elude us."


François de la Rochefoucauld wrote, "We are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguised to ourselves."


Erich Fromm said, "The ultimate choice for a man, in as much as he is driven to transcend himself, is to create or to destroy, to love or to hate."


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "In order to learn the important lessons in life, one must, each day, surmount a fear."





the development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power





the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future





the power to influence or direct people's behavior or the course of events


I continue to find and be inspired by quotes that seem to epitomize our Winchester Brothers' journey together.

The four quotes here speak about Sam and his uncertainties and insecurities as they continue to build at break-neck speed toward potential reality or maybe to irrational assumptions and conclusions that he has no control over his destiny.

They also speak to Dean's ultimate choice to saving or killing Sam and whether he can love him enough to do either when the situation presents itself.

Both of them are struggling to surmount their own "demons" and fears in order to transcend what seems to feel out of their control, that despite their best efforts, they are just puppets in some other master's plans. Both fear hurting or killing the other and desperately grasp at any flicker of knowledge that will bring them to save each other.

There are also definitions of Fate, Destiny, and Control here as they also underscore how each of them may see their futures. 

Sam talks about his destiny and wants to desperately believe that he can change it by saving people, but when each belief is squashed, when yet another life is lost, even if it's through no fault of his own, he grows ever more certain that he has no say in his destiny, that it's fated to be, that it's all just a matter of time, that he will "evolve" or in his eyes, "devolve" into another Max, another Anson and another Scott, if Gordon hadn't intervened to nip his fate in the bud. Maybe he might turn into something even worse than them. It wasn't even enough that Andy was still a good man. The odds seemed against them all to overcome what's ahead of them.

Dean still staunchly clings to the ability to have control. He claims to not believe in a foregone concluded destiny, his or Sam's. He doesn't believe in a control governed by some tally where they're clicking off the people they are able to save and hope someone is taking note of that, but more by having a say over their own actions, to make decisions that will keep them from going a direction that may be misguided, like Dean did for Sam when he worried that he would kill someone just as the others did when an angel appeared to them and told him to. Dean intervened to save Sam from making a choice that could have led him down the wrong path, a path towards evil as opposed to towards redemption as Sam had believed.

Sam is at the end of his tether. He still hopes for some greater power, some belief in the good in him prevailing over potential darker influences, but that light is dimming at a rapid pace for him and Dean is struggling to keep it from blowing out completely.

When Dean was struggling with his own darkness, Sam was there for him, encouraging Dean to let him help, but in the end, he was just as helpless as Dean is now, still, he waited patiently for Dean to confide in him and stayed to make sure that he knew that he would be there when he was ready. Dean, no matter what else he did or thought, always felt that presence. Dean is doing that for him as well, now that the darkness is hovering over him, but there is a distinct difference between what Dean was going through and what Sam is going through. No amount of talking, caring or sharing can diffuse the powder keg they are sitting on or alleviate the huge uncertainty of what Sam is going through.

Not to simplify Dean's grief, loss, guilt, and the weight of the secret and how they nearly destroyed him in the first few episodes of the season, but for Dean, telling Sam about the secret, relieving the burden of the secrecy itself from himself, gave Dean the renewed focus he needed. Now, they would be facing the unknown together and Dean was determined to have control over the circumstances and do everything in his power to save Sam.

In Sam's case, knowledge hasn't been all together empowering. If anything, knowing that their father told Dean that if he couldn't save him, he'd have to kill him, solidifies in Sam's mind that he is in for a change, a metamorphosis that was already taking place in Season 1 and he's not looking at it at all as anything good. Every sign, every person connected to the ominous statement that the demon has "plans for all the children like him" seems to point to only one direction for Sam. Evil. That all the children like himself are fated to become evil. He believes less and less with each passing day that there is any other option open to him or the others. Tonight's episode seems to further that belief and that fate. Does that blackout he suffer tonight point to someone or something else taking control over his mind and body?

How can Dean convince Sam with just words of comfort, support, belief in that he (Dean) will protect him from whatever that dark fate is? Are there words enough to do that? Is Dean's presence going to be enough to keep Sam from what he fears? Will Dean's very essence of humanity be enough to stop the events from their perilous destination? Dean isn't completely sure, but he thrives in the knowledge that no matter what, he will expend every resource and strength he has to stop it. Still, it may not be enough to influence or steer Sam clear of the dangers ahead.

In the end, we would all like to believe that we make our choices, that we control our actions, that we succeed or fail based on what we say or do and hope that how we were raised and loved and cared for will be the guiding force to save us on an everyday basis. Dean firmly believes that Sam has the strength to defeat the influences and in a way, he hopes that any guiding light he provided Sam as they grew up will shore Sam up to do the right things, to choose love over hate, to create instead of to destroy, to surmount his fears about his inner self and emerge undefeatbale. But in the end, only Sam can prove that to both himself and Dean.

Enjoy the show everyone!!!