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Dean Winchester: "And I do my best to be brave"

An old TV Guide blog:

Albert Pine said, "What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal."


Been in a quote kind of mood lately and remembered this one. It made me think of Dean (what doesn't, huh? Hee, hee! I think my blogs are disproportionately Dean-heavy, you think?){C}{C}

In one of the links I included in my News blog yesterday, there was an article in Cult Times about the show. I won't be revealing anything spoilery, but there was a quote from Eric Kripke that confirms what many of you have believed and hoped for about Dean, that he does not possess any supernatural gifts, but is just an extraordinary human being and man with a love and devotion for his family so strong and his hunting gifts so well-honed that he could defeat any evil without being supernaturally gifted.

The question posed was "why does Sam have strange psychic powers when Dean can't even make a candle flicker?"{C}{C}

Here's what he said:

"I can also speak to why emotionally we made the choice and we explain it in terms of plot later on and it's a mythology secret. It allows us to illuminate aspects of the brothers. If they both have abilities, there wouldn't be much conflict, but for Sam's side, it makes him feel like a freak and separated emotionally from his brother at a time he wants to feel closer. It is a metaphor for how everybody has something that makes them feel weird or embarrassed. From Dean's side, everything has been in terms of doing the job, his duties, and he is suddenly looking at his brother and saying, 'Well, technically my brother is something I should be hunting.' By the same respect, there is nothing more important to Dean than protecting Sam. That dichotomy is pretty substantial, yet you couldn't play that if they both had abilities."{C}{C}

So, reading this (and doing CindyRose's quote "quiz" on her blog) made me think about Dean and his very brave and courageous approach to his mission ahead. I forgot to mention in my blog about Houses of the Holy that despite Dean's skepticism, when they go to the crypt to Father Gregory's grave and he suggests a seance and Sam scoffs at the suggestion with the "Hope Whoopi's available" line, Dean doesn't ridicule him, acknowledges the humor, but then poses that by doing the seance, they would know for sure and challenges Sam's belief by asking him "don't you want to know for sure?" I felt Dean giving Sam a way to prove his faith and maybe deep down hoping that it would be proven as well as give Dean the evidence he needs to believe as well.

More importantly, when he related his story to Sam about how their mom tucked him into bed, telling him that angels would protect them, my mind went back to Dead in the Water and his story to Lucas about how his mom would want him to be brave and that he thinks about that every day so he does his best to be brave. That bravery has been tested so much and so often and yet he manages to emerge seemingly even more brave with his uncertainties and you root for him, believe that he could be the only person between Sam and turning evil.

I also still think back to Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things and that gaze he gives to her gravestone. Jensen plays that scene, for me, with just enough ambiguity that I am still not sure what he is feeling for her at that moment. In Houses of the Holy, I can see the loss, the grief, as well as some anger and resentment that she had been sacrificed in some way and in some hidden, vivid imagination kind of way, he feels that someone should have saved her, protected her and that if he could have, he would have done it, if he had been able. There's almost a desire there that maybe if he had been there, he could have saved her.

As we progress towards, Born Under a Bad Sign this week, I can't help but feel Dean's desire to do the same for his brother, especially when he tells Sam not to worry, that he'll be watching out for him, but there's this ever present doubt mixed into that none-the-less definitive statement. Can Dean stop it with just the qualities as a human man at his disposal? I can't wait to see Dean's bravery tested and survive yet another hurdle towards Sam's destiny. It would be awesome to know that being human is what could give Dean the "tools" needed to save Sam in the end. An extraordinary man and human being, indeed!