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Unabashed Spoiler Hound & Fanfic writer

Reveling in the fickle nature of fangirlishness

Defining Moment (Part 4)
Defining Moment

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel Agents of SHIELD

"What kind of threat?"

"Another Deathlok," Ward said.

"Ward?" Coulson coaxed him.

"It's my brother."

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Defining Moment (Part 5)
Defining Moment

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

"He's here," Ward said.

Defining Moment (Part 5)Collapse )

Defining Moment (Part 3)
Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel Agents of SHIELD

“And the world will be better for this, that one man, scorned and covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage, to fight the unbeatable foe, to reach the unreachable star.” - Impossible Dream from The Man from LaMancha

Defining Moment (p3)Collapse )

Defining Moment (Part 2)
Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Thank you for all of your great and enthusiastic reviews. Hope this chapter measures up to expectations.

Defining Moment p2Collapse )

Defining Moment (Part 1)

Because I'm a bit of a masochist and am having a hard time coming to terms. Yet another attempt at Ward redemption.

I don't own Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Defining Moment p1Collapse )

Not a Weakness
Because I need Ward to be redeemed.

Summary: Coulson finds Garrett's journals and learns of the psychological torture that he inflicted on Ward. He shares the information with Skye in the hopes she could save him.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Marvel Agents of SHIELD

Not a Weakness Part 1/1Collapse )

A Very Personal Sacrifice Part 1/1

Because I feel betrayed and needed a way to exact my "revenge" to right this terrible wrong even if it's only in fanfic. So I beg forgiveness for the lack of concrete details. This was venting pure and simple.

Warning: Character death and spoilers to this week's Nothing Personal.

Summary: Ward had told her that it was nothing personal and she had lashed out. He had told her his feelings had been real, but she didn't believe him then suddenly, it had all become very personal.

A Very Personal Sacrifice Part 1/1Collapse )

Never Far Away Part 1/1
A tag to The Kingmaker

Because I needed more.

Disclaimer: I don't own The Blacklist

Never Far Away Part 1/1Collapse )

Not Made of Stone Part 2/2

Spoilers for The Stewmaker, Anslo Garrick, Madeline Pratt and The Judge, but before Mako Tanida.

I wrote this before what happened to Audrey in Mako Tanida.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything of The Blacklist.

Summary: Donald Ressler and Liz Keen find each other in the midst of deception and truths and discover what's really important. Each other.

Thanks for all of the great reviews! I was debating about continuing the story since I could fall into “fluffiness” so easily, but when I got such great feedback, I decided to finish it off properly with another chapter. Beware of fluffiness ahead. Thanks for the inspiration.

Not Made of Stone Part 2/2Collapse )

Secret Identity Part 3/5
A completely, fanciful story without any logic whatsoever so fair warning to suspend your disbelief and just let your imagination take over. It came as inspiration from watching too many Man of Steel interviews.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Chaos

Secret Identity Part 3/5Collapse )